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15 Signs He Pretends To Love You

Signs he pretends to love you

Are you in a relationship with someone who you’re not sure loves you? Are there signs that he pretends to love you? If so, don’t worry – you’re not alone. 

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the signs that he’s pretending to love you and what you can do about it. So, keep reading!

What man loves in a relationship?

1. The woman is beautiful

2. Mysterious, not simple-minded

3. She has the spirit of a rebel and she’s not afraid to say how it is 

4. She can dress up in pretty clothes but knows how to get dirty too 

5. She’s smart

6. She has compassion for the less fortunate

7. Has a good heart.

15 Signs he pretends to love you

Relationship is awesome. But, there are many fake people around who may use you in a relationship. These are few signs he pretends to love you to proceed with caution or move on in your life.

  1. He will have a long term plan to “love you truly.” Be particularly cautious if he has a very specific one. If there is no specificity, it might be a sign of immaturity and cluelessness but not a red flag. However, if he talks about the future in a way that suggests he’s already mapped out his life with you as the main character, proceed with caution.
  2. He changes plans for your dates at least once or twice. He meshes well into your social group and makes an effort to include them in his life as well. The relationship seems to revolve around you two as a unit rather than two individuals dating each other without outside responsibilities.
  3. He loves everything about you including yourself flaws and all . It might be a sign of possessiveness. The signs can become even more ominous if the relationship begins to revolve around your flaws and you find yourself constantly apologizing for them or making excuses why they exist in the first place.
  4. He has been very open about his previous relationships from the beginning. It might not mean anything, but it could be a sign that he is trying to make you feel special by comparison. There’s also the possibility that he doesn’t see your good points while remembering all of his exes’ bad points. He will say “I love everything about you” but spend time ranting about little things that bother him while ignoring your accomplishments or contributions to their relationship/marriage etc.
  5. He loves spending time with all of your friends. He also makes an effort to include your friends in his life as well. This can be a sign of manipulation if he is doing it just for you without including you in the process of integrating them into his life.
  6. He loves spending time with all of your family members especially if they are able to give him good advice. This might be a warning sign because he wants their approval so much that he tries very hard despite how difficult it is for him. It’s best to ask yourself “Why does he need my dad so badly?”
  7. You don’t have any sense of being special or different from other girls/women who catch his interest . You also don’t feel like you’re on a pedestal yet every woman seems to be a threat. He will never post a picture of the two of you on social media even though he’s active on it. This might be a sign that he likes to keep his options open and going public with you will restrict them.
  8. If he gets mad at you for your past or tries to change any part of who you are as an individual, run! You should feel lucky if he loves everything about you, flaws and all . The one exception would be if he is somehow threatened by something from your past such as being molested as a child by a male figure. In this case, his love may turn into anger because he feels deprived or cheated out of something that was not his business in the first place.
  9. He always makes plans without asking you and he always makes them for both of you. Also, you feel like you’re doing all the compromising even though he constantly talks about how much he loves you. This might be a sign that his interest is based more on what he can get out of the relationship rather than what he can put into it.
  10. He constantly complains about every other girl/woman in your social circle and usually includes himself as part of said group. He also constantly talks about how difficult it is for him to be friends with so many girls and yet never mentions how lucky or special this should make you feel.
  11. He loves everything about your future plans . You don’t plan to go to medical school because that’s not realistic but if you do, then great! It’s normal for newly dating couples to talk about their future plans and discuss what the other wants, but it becomes a problem if he makes you feel guilty or tries to change your mind without compromising too much of his own interests.
  12. He also loves every single one of your friends and family . This might be a sign that he wants everyone’s approval and feels like they’re all against him. The constant need for reassurance is not normal especially if it never seems to satisfy his thirst no matter how hard you try or how often you give it to him
  13. He has been very open about his previous relationship from the beginning. He doesn’t mention anything negative except maybe something like “we were bad together” which is basically saying nothing at all. This is a good sign because there isn’t any animosity from his past.
  14. He loves when you cook for him. Most men love it when their lady cooks them something but they also want to feel like they can contribute as well. In this case, he’s taking advantage of your talent and doesn’t care enough about himself or whatever other woman he may be dating at the time to learn how to do it himself . He will of course take credit and tell everyone what a great chef he has.
  15. He loves watching sports and cheering with the guys just as much as spending intimate one on one time with you. You might think that if he gets along with your friends so well then surely they would accept him. You should ask yourself “Why would going out with the guys or going to a party upset him so much?” Be careful of men who are not emotionally mature enough to handle time spent apart from their partner.

These are 15 Signs he pretends to love you to stay alert.


 If you are wondering if your man is pretending to love you, there are a few signs that may point in that direction. 

People who pretend to be in love do it for different reasons, but the most common ones include fear of being alone or not wanting to end up with someone worse than their current partner. 

When he does these things on a regular basis, then you might want to reconsider what type of relationship this really is and make some changes before it gets too late!

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