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15 Signs He Loves You Deeply & Please You

Signs He Loves You Deeply

Do you ever wonder if your significant other loves you deeply? Do they do things that make you feel loved and appreciated? 

If so, then look out for these signs he loves you deeply. You’ll know for sure that he cares about you a lot when you see these behaviors!

What does a man look for in a woman?

The question can be answered very easily: A man looks for a woman who is- kind, caring and loving.

A man wants to find someone who respects him and his ideas. He also prefers a woman who can accept that he has other interests than just her. 

A woman should be communicative and compassionate in order to create a strong bond with her partner.

Not only does she want to listen when he shares his thoughts, but she also needs to share her opinions and thoughts with him too. 

Most importantly, however, is the sexual attraction towards each other which helps couples stay together for years or decades . If you take care of all these points and more (such as good manners), then your relationship will most likely work.

10 Ways to make your man happy

1. The best thing you can do for your man is believe in him. If I think my wife knows how great of a guy she’s got, it makes me want to be better and do more for her. 

This goes the same with anything else in your relationship – if you make his heart feel appreciated, he’ll go above and beyond for you!

2. Get him at least one item from each Holiday, even when they aren’t together on those days. He will appreciate that you thought about him on every holiday and know that he loves receiving gifts 🙂

3. Surprise him once a week or month with something small but meaningful like a love note in his lunch box or having flowers delivered to work for him…it keeps the men in your life feeling like there is something truly unique about them!

4. Date night is super important, don’t make it optional because you are busy – do something fun and active (not dinner and a movie every time), kiss him like no one else is watching, make out with him, play footsies under the table, etc…remember that men love to sleep with you too – turn up the heat when you’re together but keep it classy unless that’s what he wants too 😉

5. Make sure you communicate with each other about everything…If something comes up in his life that could be considered “good” or “bad”, share it with him so he can support you through tough times as well as celebrate with you through good times!

6. Look your best and work on yourself for YOU, you never know when he will meet someone who can give him something that you cannot so make sure you feel good about yourself – stay healthy, eat right, exercise, etc…you should want to be with you too 🙂

7. Every man loves his mother & sisters (or at least has strong feelings towards them), make sure they like you :). Anytime I’ve ever had any issue with my family not liking the woman I was dating/married to, it automatically made me act up in some way…just keep in mind that his mama probably thinks she raised him better than that! 🙂

8. Don’t be overly sensitive…if you know that something is bothering him but he never brings it up, then the issue is either too small to worry about or he’s just trying to avoid talking about it. Either way – let it go!

9. Treat his family as your own because without a doubt they are going to love you for treating them right and eventually will become one big family even if you don’t marry their son/brother…my wife has become best friends with my older brother’s wife (we are only 3 years apart)…just make good impressions on everyone around him and you’ll be golden!

10. Never nag him – just because he doesn’t do something that you want or forget to do something that you need help with, doesn’t mean you should nag about it. If it’s an issue for you, talk to him in a calm clear-headed way and discuss the problem but never disrespect your man by making him feel stupid!

15 Signs he loves you deeply

1. You are always on his mind.

He constantly thinks about you, every minute of the day, even when he is doing something else. If he loves you, he can’t help but to think about you all the time. It’s not just a passing phase either; it will stay this way forever if everything goes well between the two of you.

 signs he loves you deeply body language

2. He gives himself completely to you.

A man who really loves someone doesn’t keep anything for themselves because they give themselves up unconditionally without caring too much what happen next. If your partner has this attitude, it’s definitely a sign that he is in love with you.

 weird signs he's in love with you

3. He is always reaching out to touch you or hold your hand.

When someone loves another person they want to be close to them all the time, and will try any method possible like, hugs, kisses etc., but many times these won’t be enough because at some point physical contact has to happen. If your man constantly tries reaching out for you physically; it means that his feelings are growing stronger every day and he can’t get enough of you.

 signs he loves you without saying it

4. It doesn’t take much effort on your part if something has to do with spending time together.

If your partner enjoys being in your company then in most cases he will automatically suggest doing something together. After all what’s the point of staying with someone you don’t like; time spent apart is time wasted.

5. He defends your honor with all his strength, even against himself.

If he feels any threat to your safety, he will defend you like a lion without looking back at the consequences it could bring him. If this behavior comes from love, then it means that there is nothing more important for him than taking care of you.

6. He tells everyone about you and how happy you make each other feel.

Someone in love feels proud to show everyone they know how good things are going between the two of them because deep down they are waiting for approval from others regarding their relationship status so if he always talks about you, it’s a sure sign that he is deeply in love.

7. He starts acting all weird and different because he can’t control his feelings anymore.

When someone falls in love their life changes completely so they start behaving in ways outside their normal character without even realizing it themselves, so if your man is acting strange lately, the simplest explanation is that he loves you and nothing else matters to him as long as he has you by his side.

8. Not being able to see each other makes him really sad for no reason at all.

If your partner gets depressed just by thinking that you may not be around then there must be a very good reason behind this: either someone or something threatens his happiness and the only thing that can truly make him feel better is being with you.

signs he cares deeply

9. When he looks at you there’s always a smile on his lips and twinkle in his eyes.

Look into your lover’s eyes and then close your own eyes for a second and try to see the image of him looking back at you, now imagine what must be going through his mind; do you think it will be something sad? No way! If he loves someone deeply everything about them makes him happy no matter what.

10. He forgets his own needs just to see you happy, not because he feels obligated to do so but because he truly loves you and wants the best for you no matter what.

If your partner gives up things that are important for him just to make you feel better then it means he is a selfless person who only has eyes for you, and there’s nothing more beautiful than this.

11. When people talk about love he gets embarrassed and starts turning red spontaneously.

A man who is really in love will never be able to hide his feeling from others even if they have been together for a long time that doesn’t mean that their feelings have weakened one bit, on the contrary they may become stronger as each day passes.

12. You can see that he is thinking about you even when you are not together physically.

When someone loves another, they think about them all the time and wish to be with them as much as possible so if your lover misses you even though you aren’t around then it means there’s a lot of love in his heart for you and nothing will ever replace the warmth he feels inside when he thinks about being with you always.

13. If someone threatens your relationship he protects it without any hesitation no matter what.

People who really love don’t easily let go of their loved ones because they know that relationships take a long time to build and only few seconds to ruin completely, so if your partner doesn’t give up easily and fights for you it means he truly loves you.

14. He cherishes your presence and makes sure that nothing can ever separate the two of you.

Love is a very strong feeling because people feel like they need to be with each other at all times and cannot imagine their lives without their loved ones, so if he swears his loyalty to only you then it shows how deep his love towards you goes.

15. If made the last person in this world to ensure your happiness, no matter what it takes from him or from others around him even though this requires sacrifice.

People in love are ready to do anything to express their feelings so if he really loves you his life will become yours and everything else will just have a minor role, so next time you are are wondering whether he loves you just think about what he would have done for your happiness and if the answer is clear then all his actions will show how much he truly loves him.


So, what does a man look for in a woman? That’s the question we asked ourselves when looking to write this blog post. What would make your guy happy? 

We had no idea! But luckily there are some simple things you can do before you even start dating that will help him fall head over heels (hopefully). 

If he loves you deeply and won’t stop smiling at the sight of you then these 10 ways to make him happy may work wonders on your relationship.

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