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10 Signs She Wants You Back But Is Scared

Signs She Wants You Back But Is Scared

There are certain signs she wants you back but is scared. Maybe she’s been hurt in the past or maybe she just doesn’t want to get her heart broken again, but whatever the reason, if you see any of these signs, it means that she still has feelings for you and may eventually come around. 

So don’t give up on her yet! Just be patient and understanding while you wait for her to make up her mind.

Why do girls regret after a breakup?

Girls tend to regret after a breakup because their emotions are much stronger. That’s why girls suffer for 3 times more than men do. When you are in love, it is hard to control your feelings.  

That’s why after a breakup, girls tend to regret not being able to say what they feel. On the other hand, guys don’t show their feelings as much as girls do. That’s why guys rarely regret after a breakup.

10 Signs she wants you back but is scared

Here are 10 signs she wants you back together but is scared:

1- She tries to look cute around you

When a girl breaks up with somebody, there’s always at least one time period where they will realize how much this person meant in their lives…and try to look their best around that person. 

Maybe they go on a diet, read fashion magazines, try wearing different outfits to see which one looks better with your favorite colors, etc – you get the idea. 

The same thing happens when someone gets broken up with by somebody they were in love with or thought about marrying someday. 

There are times where she will realize how much she misses being with you and want to look her best so you can start dating again…but it’s always too late because usually the guy has already found another girl.

2- She tries to contact you

When someone breaks up with someone else, oftentimes (if not all of the time) there is no closure between the two people involved. If she wanted this break up for whatever reason, she wouldn’t contact you ever again. 

If she is contacting you, it’s because deep down inside, she misses you…or is still in love with you. She would have probably contacted either your best friend or your family rather than you if this wasn’t the case.

3- The sex starts out best

If there was at one point very strong feelings between both people involved in the relationship, then when starting up again – the sex is often times great for a while before normalizing to just being ‘okay’ to ‘bad’. 

This sometimes takes weeks before reaching that stage if at all possible. Sex can be used as a mechanism of manipulation by someone who doesn’t want to lose they are attached to but isn’t sure they want to be in the relationship.

4- Early sex is great, but then starts to suck

This is just like number 3, except that it’s the same as number 2. Sometimes people start off being great at sex, but after a few weeks of dating…these people are now having bad sex with one another because there physical attraction isn’t really based on ‘looks’ anymore – but rather ‘chemistry’. 

This means she is no longer attracted to you or interested in you for who you are as much as what has been established sexually between both parties involved. If she misses this, she misses you overall rather than just your body purely.

5- She wants to fix what used to work

After any kind of relationship, there are some things that used to work between both people involved. So many times, when getting back together – she will want to try these same things again just because they have worked in the past.

6- She starts dating other guys while trying to get you back

Often times when a girl is missing someone, she will date someone else just so that person could never say ‘you weren’t even single’. If you’re not happy about it at first and don’t like her dating other people because of your jealous tendencies then this is a problem. 

Also if she goes on 3 or 4 dates with somebody else and then comes crawling back to you – this isn’t the case. However, if after 2 weeks of seeing somebody else she comes back to you, she misses what you bring into her life and wants it back again.

7- She hates what you hate

If there was something that used to be a problem in your relationship – such as different beliefs on where to go to college or whether or not somebody should get married after high school or whatever – now she’s turned 180 degrees on this issue because she knows it will make you happy. 

This doesn’t necessarily mean marrying her right away, but it does indicate that she cares about making things better between both of you for the sake of getting back together. 

Of course if she has done nothing but date other people for 3 or 4 months then this isn’t the case at all.

8- She wanted to test you

Oftentimes, a girl will break up with you because she wants to see how badly you really want her. 

She is trying to see what it would take for you to keep showing up at her house, writing long love letters and professing your passion for her on a daily basis without any guarantee that it’ll work out in the end. 

If this person comes crawling back after a couple of months – don’t even bother getting back together with them since they’re only going to do the same thing all over again.

9- She misses hanging out with you

This one usually doesn’t apply until weeks or months have gone by since being broken up from somebody. 

Sometimes the person who broke up with another still has strong feelings of attraction and misses the company and the feeling of having somebody around that didn’t treat them badly while they were both dated.

10- She is cheating on her boyfriend already

If the girl you’re dating has a boyfriend, she won’t come back to you because she needs someone else to be there for her. 

If she does, then this relationship isn’t as important as it used to be – which would indicate that your girlfriend values what you bring into her life more than this other guy, so give some thought about getting back together. 

This doesn’t mean right away though! Girls who do this just use guys and don’t care about how they feel at all – so if you see this happening then don’t worry about getting back together with her unless you want to be used.


If you are feeling unsure about your significant other, don’t make any rash decisions. Give the relationship some time to see if it improves or not before making a final decision. 

Whatever happens in life–whether good or bad–we will always regret something sooner or later. When we feel uncertain about our relationships and whether they will last, many of us tend to hold on too tightly rather than letting go when the time is right. 

The 10 signs she wants you back but is scared article can help guide you through how to handle these situations with more confidence so that both parties involved don’t have regrets at the end of their romantic interactions together!

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