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12 Signs She Is Pretending To Love You

Signs She Is Pretending To Love You

Dating can be tough. You never really know what the other person is thinking, and it’s hard to tell if they’re into you or not. 

Sometimes it seems like they are, but then other times it seems like they’re just pretending to love you. So how can you tell for sure? Check out these signs she’s pretending to love you!

Do girls love unconditionally?

No one likes to be cheated on. No woman wants her man to lie and engage in activities of questionable moral standing with another woman. 

Women value loyalty just as much as men and the thought of infidelity is not a pleasant prospect for someone who wants lasting love and commitment from a romantic partner.

12 Signs she is pretending to love you

1.) She tries too hard…way too hard

I have yet to meet an honest woman who tries this hard to please me every day. All women try, but then they ease up after a while because they feel comfortable. Why? Because they are comfortable with me. 

They know that the more they pull away, the harder I will try to win them back. A faker does not understand this because she is generally not interested in you or she wouldn’t even be playing this game. 

She probably has an agenda and it usually involves your money…but im getting ahead of myself.

2.) She pays too much attention to the little things

A woman who loves you does not pay this much attention to the little things in life like most women do. For example, I recently met a girl that my buddy knew and he was telling me about her (he likes her, but she doesn’t know it yet). 

He told me how she cooked him dinner every night for months on end…until one day my buddy finally asked her why she always did this even though they weren’t dating or anything. Her response? 

Because “i feel like it”. Ladies, if you ever cook your man a meal just because it’s Tuesday or whatever without getting something in return you are a fake lover. That is called a wife, which comes later in the relationship. 

A faker does things like this because she is trying to anticipate your needs and make you think that you need her when in reality you don’t.

3.) She takes hours to reply to texts, phone calls etc

A faker simply doesn’t care enough about keeping the relationship healthy and will avoid contact with you as much as possible so that she can manipulate you into chasing her. 

Real women hate the cell phone just like real men do, which is why they sit around and text all day…but they would never carry on a conversation via text for hours at a time. 

They also don’t reply multiple times every few minutes or leave it up to chance if she sees your call/text or not. Real women answer their phones within a few rings and always make time to talk with you.

4.) She tries to change you

A faker wants the fantasy, but she doesn’t want to deal with your flaws. A real woman loves those little quirks about you that annoy everybody else so much and makes you who you are today. 

She is not afraid of Ugly, she embraces it! There is also a very fine line between wanting somebody to change and trying to force somebody into changing their fundamental views on life. 

“Fixing” your flaws means that she’s actively trying to change something fundamental about yourself that probably makes her insecure somehow. If a woman is with a man long enough usually this insecurity fades away after a while because he has calmed her fears in some way or another. 

So if a woman starts pushing for you to become somebody else she is most likely insecure about something and doesn’t like you.

5.) She becomes obsessed with your mom, dad, best friend etc

I don’t know if this one needs much explanation because we all know how it goes… The girl starts talking to your parents and gets way too involved in your life. 

This is a red flag for anybody looking for an honest relationship… Its the same as when a guy tries to talk to my mom and get really close with her (which I hate by the way). 

A faker does not have any boundaries in a relationship because she probably has low self-esteem from being hurt in previous relationships/associations. Insecurity breeds codependency which then leads into manipulation. Watch out for this sign!

6.) She blames other people for her decisions

If something bad happens to you while you are together (it doesn’t matter whether it was your fault or hers) if she turns around and blames the situation on somebody else then all chances of a healthy relationship are gone. I don’t care if it’s her mom, dad, friend, landlord, boss, whatever… 

If she’s trying to pass the blame onto somebody else then there is nothing real about that relationship. This is another sign that someone has no respect for themselves and will not hold themselves accountable when shit hits the fan in life! 

I believe that everything that happens in life is directly related to our own actions so if a faker tries to play this card then watch out! You most likely have an immature, insecure individual in front of you.

They also lack self-awareness and will not take responsibility for their actions which is a huge red flag! If someone truly has respect for themselves they would admit to what they did and then try to change the behavior.

7.) She uses sex as a tool

This one is simple ladies, if your man does this then he loves you only when he wants to love you. And he will do it over and over again until there is nothing left of you and all that you were together starts fading away slowly… 

A faker will always use sex as a bargaining chip when she wants something from somebody else. It’s almost like they are putting on an act in order to get what THEY want from YOU.

They don’t realize that this process turns the person they are playing a game with off. I have seen this behavior in so many different relationships and it’s the simplest way to spot a faker because it actually works most of the time! 

People give up their own desires for sex without thinking twice about what they are going to get out of it… If she is aware enough she will stop using sex as “payment” after awhile but if she continues then thats another red flag.

8.) She brings you down constantly around other people

Every single time I see this happen (and believe me I see it all the time) the relationship is doomed for failure. A good indicator that something is wrong happens when your friends start picking up on signs before you do!!! This means that everybody else sees what YOU are not seeing. You cannot go into denial mode when everybody else can see it too! 

They may act like they are having fun together, laughing and cracking jokes but in reality it’s all an act to impress YOU. Usually these fakers don’t last long because you find out about their game before it gets too serious.

9.) She is constantly negative towards other women in your life

This is another sign that she either wants to “one up” you or “one up” the other women in your life… 

If this behavior continues over time then you have a true player on your hands who plays by her own rules at YOUR expense!!! I would say that this is one of the most common signs that something has gone wrong with a relationship of mine…

10.) She is constantly late

If she’s always late to your dates then you have an issue on your hands. I’m not talking about 10 minutes, I mean 30-60 minutes or more every single time! It may be something that requires a little bit of patience but if it occurs multiple times then this behavior communicates disrespect. If she doesn’t respect herself then how do you think she will treat YOU?

The bottom line in all things… If you feel like somebody is hiding something from you then it’s probably happening and there is nothing wrong with saying goodbye at that point. There are plenty of fish in the sea and we only get one shot in life so take advantage of your time and energy and don’t waste it on someone who doesn’t deserve you!!!

If you love somebody and they love you back they will never disrespect, disrespect YOU! If anyone tells you differently then it’s not true. There is nothing more important than respect… 

11.) She has a crazy ex who you keep running into

You meet a girl and she seems great, your friends like her too… but then one day you bump into her old boyfriend at the mall with his new girlfriend. A few weeks pass by and then he comes back into town on business and she ends up going with him. 

All of a sudden that trip you were planning together is now canceled because SHE needs to be there for HIM!

After a bit more time passes by you start meeting all these people from HER past…. 

Her ex-boyfriend’s brother, best friend from high school etc. etc. etc. Sooner or later it becomes clear that EVERYBODY knows this chick except YOU!!!

12.) She gets mad at you for being nice to her

Eventually she will either bring it up or send you a “friendly” text… but the point is that you have crossed some imaginary line by being nice. 

She likes to play games so if she’s not aware enough then she will use things like this as an excuse to see how far SHE can push YOU!!!


 It is important to be with someone who loves you unconditionally. Love can’t always be perfect, but it should at least feel that way. 

If your partner doesn’t respect or care for you the same amount as they used to, then maybe it’s time to end things before it gets worse and hurts both of you more than necessary.  

What are some signs she might not love me anymore? A good relationship takes effort on both sides so if there are no feelings being reciprocated from her side either, this could mean she doesn’t want to be in the relationship any longer.

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