11 Lovely Things To Do With Your Boyfriend When Bored

Are you and your boyfriend feeling bored and looking for something fun to do together? Well, look no further! We’ve compiled a list of 11 lovely things you can do with your significant other that will help bring some excitement back into your day. Whether it’s watching a movie or going on a mini road trip, these activities are sure to make your time together unforgettable. So put down those phones and get ready to spend some quality time with the love of your life!

Watch a movie together

Watching a movie together is one of the best ways to spend quality time with your boyfriend when you’re feeling bored. Not only can it be an enjoyable activity, but it also allows you to bond over something that you both love.

When choosing a movie, make sure to pick something that both of you will enjoy. This might mean compromising on genres or taking turns picking the movies each time.

To make the experience even more special, create a cozy atmosphere by dimming the lights and cuddling up under blankets. You could even pop some popcorn or grab your favorite snacks to munch on while watching.

Another fun idea is to turn this into a themed night by selecting movies based on a certain genre or actor/actress. For example, if you both love horror films, have a horror movie marathon with all your favorites.

Watching movies together not only helps pass the time when boredom strikes but also gives opportunities for conversations about what interests and excites us in life!

Make a homemade dinner

There’s something special about cooking a meal with your significant other. It’s an intimate experience that allows you to bond over a shared love of food and creativity. Making a homemade dinner is the perfect activity when you’re both feeling bored.

First, choose a recipe together that speaks to both of your tastes. Maybe it’s something classic like spaghetti and meatballs or maybe it’s something new and adventurous like sushi bowls. Whatever you decide, make sure it’s something that excites you both.

Next, head to the grocery store together to pick up all the necessary ingredients. This can be another fun bonding experience as you navigate the aisles and make decisions on what brand of tomatoes or type of cheese to buy.

Once back at home, divvy up tasks like chopping vegetables or seasoning meat so that everyone has a role in creating the final product. As you cook, chat about your day or reminisce about past experiences together.

Sit down at the table and enjoy your delicious creation while basking in each other’s company. Cooking together not only fills your stomachs but also fills your hearts with joy and love for one another.

Go for a walk in the park

Going for a walk in the park is one of the loveliest things to do with your boyfriend when you both feel bored. It’s an effortless way to spend quality time together and connect with nature. You don’t have to go far or plan anything elaborate, just put on some comfortable shoes, grab a water bottle, and head out.

As soon as you enter the park, take deep breaths and let go of any worries or stress that might be weighing on your mind. Walking in nature has proven benefits for mental health and well-being, so enjoy this serene moment and focus on being present.

Observe everything around you: trees swaying in the wind, birds singing melodiously from afar or even squirrels running up trees; there’s always something new to discover in a park. Take advantage of this opportunity to unplug from technology and simply enjoy each other’s company while admiring Mother Nature’s beauty.

If you both feel adventurous enough during your walk at the park, try finding a quiet spot like under a tree where no one can hear you two talking intimately about how much you love each other. This could turn out into an unforgettable romantic adventure!

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Play video games together

Playing video games together can be a fun way to spend quality time with your boyfriend when you’re feeling bored. It’s also an excellent opportunity to engage in some friendly competition and enjoy each other’s company.

To make it even more exciting, consider choosing a game that you’ve never played before or one that neither of you has mastered yet. This could add an element of surprise and challenge to the experience.

You could also try playing co-op games that require teamwork, communication, and strategy. These types of games can help strengthen your bond as a couple by fostering trust and cooperation.

If competitive gameplay is more your style, then choose multiplayer games where both of you can go head-to-head against each other. Just remember to keep things light-hearted and fun – no need for any sore losers!

Have a picnic in your backyard

Having a picnic in your own backyard is a budget-friendly and romantic way to spend some quality time with your boyfriend. It’s also an excellent opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature without having to leave home.

To make it more special, you can set up a cozy blanket on the grass and add some colorful pillows for extra comfort. You can even decorate the area with flowers or balloons to create a lovely ambiance.

Next, prepare some delicious finger foods like sandwiches, fruits, veggies, cheese platters, and sweet treats. Don’t forget refreshing drinks like lemonade or iced tea!

During your picnic date, put away your phones and just enjoy each other’s company. Talk about anything that comes into mind – from future goals to silly childhood memories.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even play outdoor games together like frisbee or badminton. Or simply lay down on the blanket while basking under the sun as you listen to calming music.

Go stargazing

There’s something magical about looking up at the night sky with your significant other. The stars, moon and planets are not only beautiful to admire but can also be a great conversation starter.

To make this date idea even more romantic, find a secluded spot away from city lights where you can lay down on a blanket together and take in the vastness of the universe. Bring along some snacks and hot beverages to keep warm as you snuggle close under the starry sky.

Don’t forget to download a stargazing app or bring along a guidebook so you can identify constellations, shooting stars or even satellites passing overhead. Make it a game by challenging each other to find specific celestial objects or creating stories behind them.

The best part about stargazing is that it’s free! You don’t need any fancy equipment or expensive tickets. All you need is each other’s company and an appreciation for the beauty of nature above us.

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Get ice cream cones and take a walk

Who doesn’t love a good ice cream cone on a hot summer day? This activity is perfect for when you and your boyfriend are feeling bored. Get some delicious cones from your favorite local ice cream shop and take a leisurely walk around the neighborhood together.

As you stroll along, savoring the sweet treats in hand, take some time to talk about things that have been on your minds lately. Perhaps there’s something bothering one of you that needs to be discussed or maybe you just want to chat about your dreams and aspirations.

If conversation isn’t flowing naturally, try playing a game while walking. For example, each person takes turns pointing out interesting things they see while walking. It could be anything from an adorable puppy or an unusual tree to a quirky-looking house.

Taking this simple walk with an ice cream cone in hand can also spark feelings of nostalgia – reminding us of childhood memories spent at the park or beach eating our favorite frozen treats with loved ones.

Make a list of things to do together before you die

Making a list of things to do together before you die is an exciting way to plan your future adventures. It’s a great opportunity to explore new activities and places that you’ve always wanted to experience with your boyfriend.

To begin, sit down together and brainstorm ideas for your bucket list. Think about the places you want to visit, the experiences you want to share, and the goals you want to achieve as a couple. Be creative and open-minded during this process!

Once you have a list of ideas, start planning how you will accomplish them. Consider setting deadlines or creating mini-goals along the way so that you can track your progress towards achieving each item on your list.

Remember that making this type of list isn’t just about checking off items; it’s also about strengthening your relationship by exploring new things together. So be sure to take time along the way to reflect on what each experience means for both of you as individuals and as partners.

Go on a mini road trip to nowhere in particular

Going on a mini road trip to nowhere in particular is one of the most exciting and adventurous things you can do with your boyfriend. The idea of hitting the open road without any specific destination can be liberating, as well as a great opportunity for bonding. It’s all about enjoying the journey rather than focusing on the destination.

Pack some snacks and drinks, put together a playlist of your favorite tunes, grab your camera and hit the gas! Explore new towns, scenery or maybe even find hidden gems along the way. You never know what kind of adventure awaits you when you decide to take that turn down an unfamiliar road.

Use this time to disconnect from social media and technology – enjoy each other’s company while admiring scenic views or just chatting about life. By doing so, not only will it strengthen your relationship but also contribute positively towards both mental healths by reducing stress levels.

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Visit a local fair or carnival

A local fair or carnival is a perfect place to spend quality time with your boyfriend when you are bored. The atmosphere is always lively, and there’s something for everyone. You can indulge in delicious food, play games, win prizes and go on rides.

One of the best things about visiting a local fair or carnival is that it brings out the child in you. It’s an opportunity to let loose and have fun while enjoying each other’s company.

Walking around the brightly lit stalls holding hands with your significant other, trying different foods together, laughing at silly jokes made by performers – all these experiences create beautiful memories that will stay with you forever.

It’s also an excellent way to support your community as most fairs and carnivals are organized by locals who work hard to provide entertainment for their town or city.

The cherry on top? Fairs usually end with fireworks displays! What better way to end a fun-filled day than watching colorful explosions light up the night sky?

Go hiking or camping together

Going hiking or camping with your boyfriend can be a great way to get out of the house and explore nature together. There’s nothing quite like breathing in fresh air, feeling the sunshine on your face, and taking in all of the beautiful scenery around you.

Before embarking on any outdoor adventure though, it’s important to plan ahead. Make sure you have appropriate gear such as sturdy shoes, weather-appropriate clothing, plenty of water and snacks. Also make sure that someone knows where you’re going and when you’ll be back.

Once you’ve got everything sorted out though, it’s time for some fun! Hiking is a great way to challenge yourselves physically while enjoying stunning views along the way. You can choose trails based on difficulty level or length depending on what you feel comfortable with.

Camping can also be an enjoyable experience for couples who want to spend more than just a day outdoors. Setting up camp together allows for quality time spent cooking over an open fire, sharing stories under starry skies and falling asleep next to each other in cozy sleeping bags.


In summary, spending quality time with your boyfriend does not always have to be extravagant or expensive. Simple activities such as watching a movie together, cooking dinner, taking walks in the park or stargazing can strengthen your bond and create unforgettable memories.

Remember to take advantage of every opportunity to spend time with him and embrace each other’s company. Whether it is going on mini road trips, hiking or visiting local fairs and carnivals together, make sure you cherish these moments.

So next time you find yourselves bored at home wondering what to do, refer back to this list for some inspiration!

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