200+ Cute Nicknames For Boyfriend To Improve Your Relationship

There are so many things to think about when it comes to relationships. Should you be friends with your significant other? How do you deal with a fight? 

What are the best ways to show your partner that you love them? While all of these are important questions, there is one thing that often gets overlooked: nicknames. 

Nicknames can really improve your relationship by making it more personal and intimate. Here are some of the cutest nicknames for your boyfriend.

What is a loving relationship?

A loving relationship is one where both members are happy and content. It can be defined as a relationship in which both people are committed to each other and share their feelings and thoughts seriously and freely. 

A loving relationship is based on trust, respect, honesty, communication, and mutual respect. 

A typical loving relationship follows these principles:

-Both parties should be committed to each other.

-Both parties should be honest and respectful to each other.

-Both parties should be able to communicate freely with each other.

-Both parties should be willing to take actions that will improve the relationship.

Top 3 Tips that will help you improve your relationship

1. Do not be a critic!

Criticism is corrosive and will eat away at your relationship like acid, destroying everything in its path.

If you look for the bad in the relationship rather than the good, then that’s what you’ll find. Instead, practice being a fan of one another. 

Look for things to appreciate about your partner and tell them about it – remember daily affections? 

This is where they come into play! When you focus on the positive aspects of your significant other, you will automatically shift your own mindset from negative to positive – trust me, I’m a scientist – and this will have an impact on how your significant others feel about themselves as well. 

And we all know that feeling loved is a key element to having a smooth relationship.

Cute Nicknames For Boyfriend

2. Hide your cell phone!

The reason why I say “hide” your cell-phone is because you should not be so easily accessible through it. 

When someone is always available for another person, the other person begins to feel like they can act irresponsibly both mentally and emotionally because all of their needs are being fulfilled by this one other person, which makes them feel invincible. 

It also prevents them from growing as an individual. Constantly communicating with each other through technology keeps you from actually communicating with each other in real life where much can be learned about one another that cannot be gleaned over text message or email. 

Trust me when I say it’s very unattractive when two people are constantly glued to their phones, especially when they’re sitting in the same room with each other.

3. Be happy for your partner’s success!

When a person has a hobby or interest that does not directly involve you, it can be easy to feel threatened if they receive recognition for their efforts because it makes you question why they are investing so much time and energy outside of your relationship. 

I know this sounds selfish but trust me, most couples go through this early on in their relationships – my own included! But the reality is that we all need outlets from our relationships from time to time and most importantly, we need to be supportive of those aspirations that may take our partner away from us temporarily. 

If they win an award or get a big promotion at work, be happy for them. If they want to take a new class or go back to school, encourage them. 

Always remember that an ambitious partner is one of the best gifts you can have in a relationship – one of the key factors of a long-lasting and fulfilling love!

10 Cute nicknames for boyfriend

1. Sweetie: It is a cute and obvious choice for a pet name, but it’s also the perfect way to show affection.

2 . My Love: This nickname is best used when you want your man to know just how much he means to you. 

Cute Nicknames For Boyfriend

3. My Everything: Another phrase that conveys strong feelings of love, this one works well when you have been together for a long time. 

4. Baby: This term of endearment is great for couples who are starting out or newlyweds who cannot get enough of each other! 

5 . Sugar Pie: For an adorable pairing with high sugar content, use “sugar pie” as a pet name for your significant other! 

6 . Honey Bunch: Another way to call someone your “honey,” this term of endearment gets bonus points for sounding like a cute animal! 

7 . My Knight: This sweet name works best on men who are genuinely chivalrous and treat you like their queen.

8. Boo: While it may sound childish, there’s nothing sweeter than calling your guy “boo!” Although it has an air of mystery about it, the term is also pretty silly and shows that you aren’t afraid to get a little silly with them when the time is right.

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9 . Pumpkin: A good nickname for fall and Halloween , pumpkin can be used year-round by couples who love putting a smile on each other’s faces.

10. Angel: This term of endearment works best for couples who can get a little mischievous and love to tease one another.

15 Impressive nicknames for him

  1. Dreamboat: Calling your guy this pet name will make him feel like the sexiest man alive, and it’ll let him know that he’s got you in his sails. 
  2. Cute Nicknames For Boyfriend
  3. Love Muffin: Perfect for a couple who just loves to cuddle!
  4. Sugar Lips: A sweet nickname with a double entendre, “sugar lips” is sure to be a hit with the men in your life!
  5. My Prince Charming: Because every girl deserves to have her Prince Charming , this is an ideal way of calling someone special your own personal hero.
  6. Snookums: Most commonly used in the 1920s and 1930s, “snookums” is best for a boyfriend who was your first love or you want to hold on to for dear life.
  7. Snuggle Bear: This term of endearment is super cute! It’s great for couples who like to sit back and let their inner-kids come out when they can just snuggle up together.
  8. Sunshine: Another way of telling someone that they brighten up your life, calling them your sunshine will make them feel warm and fuzzy inside.
  9. Lollipop: Being a kid at heart never looked so good! For a guy who loves sweets, this is an awesome pet name.
  10. Handsome: This is the perfect term of endearment for a man who happens to be oh-so handsome !
  11. Firecracker: If you want to be inspired by fireworks when choosing a cute nickname for your guy, try out “firecracker.” It’s pretty self-explanatory and will let him know he gets your heart racing!
  12. Deep Waters: For a nickname that’s a little more poetic, try calling your guy “deep waters” — it means he calms you down and brings peace to all those around him.
  13. Wookiee: A quirky yet unbelievably adorable option for couples who love Star Wars , this one works best if played off as a joke.
  14. Bear: This is a cute option for couples who just love being affectionate with one another! A strong yet cuddly name, “bear” will let him know he can definitely be himself around you.
  15. Big Guy: If your guy loves to remind you of his strength and stature, call him “big guy,” and he’ll feel like the biggest stud in the world while still showing off his more sensitive side.​
  16. My Sunshine: Because some people are simply irreplaceable! This term of endearment tells a man that he’s more than enough sunshine for your life — that without him everything would seem dark and dull.

6 Attractive & modern names for boys

1) Adam:

Adam was one of the top 10 most popular boy’s names throughout the 2000s till now, thanks to Biblical references too. Adam is a Hebrew name which means “man”.

2) Aaron:

Aaron was another very popular choice for parents in the 2000s. This Biblical boys’ name is Hebrew in origin and it means “mountain” or “exalted one”.

3) Andrew:

Andrew is a beautiful Greek boys’ name, which has been used throughout history since New Testament times. This traditional boys’ moniker has modern touch added to it! It also features in the top 10 names of the previous decade too. Andrew means “manly” or “brave”.

Cute Nicknames For Boyfriend

4) Anthony:

Anthony was not only one of the most popular Christian boy’s given names but also wasn’t far behind its sister names on various popularity lists during the last decade. Anthony is a Roman boys’ name which means “priceless” or “invaluable”.

5) Benjamin:

This Biblical name has been another popular one of the last decade. Benjamin was found over 600 times in the US last year. This Hebrew boy’s name means “son” or “child of my right hand”, and is full of wisdom and warmth too!

6) Daniel:

Daniel is an ancient Hebrew boys’ name, meaning God is my judge. It enjoyed popularity throughout the 2000s and started to dip down in 2010 (and still falling!). Now it seems like it will stay in the top 100 each year! Danial is a very cute sounding yet royal name too!

10 Cute nicknames for boyfriend starting from A

1- Ari: This is a really unique nickname for your guy given his intelligence level. Ari means wise in Hebrew language. It also stands for an eagle which is considered as the most intelligent bird on earth. Since your bae possesses all those qualities, you can choose this name for him.

2- Angel: You think your boyfriend is like an angel who came down to rescue you from the problems of the world. This is one of the most common nicknames for boys that girls use all over the world.

3- Ace: He is your ace in any situation since he always comes up with brilliant ideas that save both of you from trouble. This cute nickname suits his personality perfectly to convey that message!

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4- Adonis: Every girl goes crazy about a manly man with six pack abs and great physique. Your guy surely has all those qualities which makes him ideal for you, so it’s time to flatter him using this amazing name! It means “handsome and perfect one” in Greek language.

5- All mine: This is the perfect name for a boyfriend who loves you truly and can do everything to make you happy, just like your life partner!

6- Angel face: He has such a nice face that makes him look like an angel. You want to call him this way every time when he looks at you with those lovely eyes!

7- Aladdin: You too often compare his personality traits with Aladdin since they both are equally good hearted men who will risk everything including their lives for the sake of others. What do you say? Isn’t it cute?

8- Amore mio: This Italian phrase means “my love” which is used by the Italians to show love and attraction towards their partners. If your beau is an Italian, then he will definitely like this name!

9- Apple of my eye: This is another cute nickname for a boyfriend which indicates how important he is in your life. Because you feel that everything revolves around him only!

Cute Nicknames For Boyfriend

10- Awesome sauce: As per his ability to do something amazing every time, you can call him this way because “sauce” also means semen! Isn’t it hilarious? It’s sure that he’ll blush on hearing this one but surely enjoy it as well.

10 Names starting from B for boys

1.BANISH: He is a very loving and caring guy who loves to spend time with his friends and family. He is very good at making money; he might be the exact opposite of me!

2. BRENDON :  Singer-songwriter/guitarist for Panic! At The Disco . Brendon Urie has an estimated net worth of $15 million.

3. BRIAN :   Brian Thanapal is a Singapore-based drummer, writer and actor.

4. BRYCE :    Bryce Dessner is a guitarist and composer. He is best known as a member of the rock band The National .

5. BENNETT :   Bennett David Sorkin, age 22, second son (of Barry and Judy) to actor Jerry Seinfeld and Jessica Seinfeld , has been named as one of Forbes Top 30 Under 30 in Hollywood for 2015 .

6. BOBBY:  Bobby Long (born December 21st 1985) is an American singer-songwriter from New Orleans, Louisiana.

7.BOBBY:  Bobby Schayer, drummer for the California punk band Pennywise . 

8. BRADEN :   American actor Braden Lynch , 19-years-old from Texas , featured as an extra in Star Trek Into Darkness.

9. BRADLEY :    Bradley Charles Cooper, born 5.5.1975 is an American actor and filmmaker.

10. BENJAMIN : Benjamin McKenzie Schenkkan was born 12 November 1978 , he’s an American film and television actor.

25 Cute nicknames for boyfriend starting from C

Cuddle Bear:  She is your cuddle buddy and you love to snuggle with her.

Cube:  You find him pretty hot and sizzling, just like a cube of ice.

Cupcake:  He’s sweet and delicious like a cupcake.

Captain: He always takes the lead role in your relationship.

Charming:  You think he is charming and you just can’t ignore his charm.

Cherry:  He’s as sweet as a cherry.

Cheeseball: He makes you laugh out loud all the time, that feeling of happiness is what makes him your cheese ball.

Chief: You follow him everywhere like his loyal side-kick. He takes the lead role in almost everything you do together. It’s nice to feel protected always!

Cheesy/Chunky Monkey : He tends to be cheesy or chunky at times but it doesn’t bother you because he still has a heart of gold.

Chicken Nugget : He always makes you smile and happy, he’s like a chicken nugget.

Cookie:  He’s sweet as a cookie.

Cowboy: He is your cowboy who will protect you from anything that comes close to harm you or your heart.

Chocolate:  You love him because his personality tastes just like chocolate – sweet and irresistible.

Chuck Norris : Chuck Norris jokes aside, he is the ultimate man, everything a woman would want in a man – strong, protective, loving, loyal, smart etc.

Cheeky Monkey : You find him extremely cheeky but you still love him even though deep down he knows he has been bad.

Champ/Champy:    He is your champion who always comes to the rescue when you are in trouble.

Chunky Monkey : He has a big personality, he’s funny and full of life!

Captain Underpants:  His personality makes you laugh hard enough for your belly to ache. You can’t help but snicker at his silly antics.

Cuddle Muffin : He loves cuddles, you love cuddling with him, it’s perfect because he acts like a muffin that keeps the cuddles warm.

Cheeky Chap/Chapstick : His cheeky side gets you all flustered but you find it extremely adorable.

Cheerio : He brings cheerio into your life by being a playful and cheerful person.

Chief Commander:  He is the commander of your heart’s work, he takes control and does everything with ease making you look forward to the future together.

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Chipmunk:  You find him irresistibly cuddly like a chipmunk!

Cute Nicknames For Boyfriend

Cinnamon : He makes every day sweet by being in it.

Cheese Ball:  He’s cheesy and fun loving.

Chunky Cheeky Monkey:  He has some chunky cheeks that make you giggle and want to pinch them! Hehehe.

Commander In Chief:   He takes charge in most things that you do together which makes him deserving of being called your ‘commanding chief.’

50+ Cute nicknames for boyfriend to improve your relationship

-Adorable (Cute nickname to call your boyfriend) 

-Ace (Cool name to call your boyfriend) 

-Amante(Honey in Spanish) 

-Angel (One of the cutest nicknames for guys ever) 

-Babe/Baby//Beautiful (Adorable nicknames) 

-Bear (Teddy bears are cute, so is your guy) 

-Big Guy/ Big Bear/ Big Baby (Nickname for a tall and strong guy) 

-Boo (Romantic nickname for a guy who is shy and quiet)

-Braveheart (A good name to call brave guys) 

-Captain America [for Marvel lovers](Your superhero calls you this way. 

-Chiefy / Chieftain / Cherokee [good Native American names to call a guy] 

-Chocolate/Chocolat Drop/Coco Puff [Sweet names to call a dark skinned boyfriend]

-Cuddle Muffin (-Good pet name for cuddly couples)

-Cutie/Cute Butt/Cutie Pie (Nickname for someone who is cute as pie)

– Cupid (A good name to call a guy you like) 

-Dear (One of the best nicknames to call your boyfriend)

– Dreamboat (The right nickname for a guy who is the love of your life)

-Firecracker – One of the most unique names to call someone special 

-Fluffy/Fluffernutter: Cute pet names 

-Fruit Cake: Funny and creative name to call your sweetheart

-Gorgeous – Best way to compliment anyone. Your man will definitely love this name 

GQ – For fashion lovers, guys who care about their appearance always look dapper and handsome.

– Handsome/Hot Stuff/Honey Bunch: Cute names to call your guy. 

-Handsome: One of the best nicknames for a guy who has an attractive face.

– Hero (A man who loves and protects his woman like a hero)

– Honey Bunny (Your boyfriend is sweet and cuddly like honey bunny) 

Honey Bun – A cute pet name for someone you love to bits. 

-Honey Bunch: Great pet name for a guy very close to your heart.

-Jelly Bean – affectionate term of endearment, especially for someone who is as sweet as jelly beans.

-King/My King (A good pet name for a man you love and admire) 

-Kit kat/Kit Kat bar [Yummy names]: For those with a chocolate addiction

-“My All”: A romantic nickname from the song from Mariah Carey’s album “Music Box”. It speaks volumes about how much he means to you. 

-My Beloved: For a guy who means the world to you. The name is taken from a poem by Sir Walter Scott.

-My Boo: A unique pet name for a special guy in your life, taken from Usher’s 2004 album, singer songwriter Usher Raymond IV “Confessions”.

-“Papi” : One of the best nicknames for a cute and hot Hispanic boyfriend or husband. You can shorten it to “Pap” if you want. 

-Pookie Bear: A touching name for a guy who means the world to you.

-Pumpkin: For a guy with a bright personality, or handsome in a cute way. 

-“Sugar”/Sugoi : For guys who are sweet as sugar , and unbelievably hot at the same time.

-Sweet Cheeks (For someone who is both attractive and has an amazing personality)

-Stud Muffin : A cool pet name for your studly man, meaning he’s probably good in bed too. He will definitely love this one!

–Tiger/ Tiger Toes/ Tigger / Tigre -Dominant men appreciate being called “King of the jungle”

-Toots/Toasty: for someone without whom you wouldn’t want to live

-Turtle Dove (Romantic nickname for a guy who is quiet and shy)

-Velcro/ Velcro Ball (his love is stuck to him like velcro, he can’t get rid of you)

-“Wombat” : Short and fun name to call your boyfriend. You might even want to give him some “wombats”!  

-Wolfie: For a man who makes you feel like a sexy and attractive woman.

-“Your Hunk”: A cute name to call someone who is your ideal guy and makes you go weak in the knees. 

-Your King: A good pet name for a guy that rules your heart completely. It’s taken from Beyonce’s song “If I Were A Boy”.


We all want to have a happy and healthy relationship. A loving relationship is one where you feel safe, respected and cared for by your significant other. 

There are many ways that we can improve our relationships with others including listening more effectively and communicating clearly. 

Above we’ve outlined some of the top tips on how to improve your love life so it will be happier than ever! Which of these tips would you like to work on first?

Let us know in the comment section below.

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