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20 Signs She Regrets Losing You & Want You Back

Signs She Regrets Losing You

Have you ever had a girlfriend suddenly break up with you and then regret it? If so, then you know how painful and confusing that can be. 

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the signs she regrets losing you. 

Hopefully, this information can help you to better understand what’s going on in your ex-girlfriend’s head and give you some guidance as to what to do next.

20 Signs she regrets losing you

Some women find it hard to come out and say they want their ex back. However, there are many ways in which a woman’s feelings become clear – from the way she interacts with you, to her general behavior when you two aren’t together. 

Read on for 20 signs that she regrets losing you. Don’t wait any longer, a woman who is ready is a woman worth pursuing!

1. She initiates conversation more than usual after a breakup.

There’s no better indicator of regret over your breakup than the number of times she reaches out to you after all hope has been lost between you both. Don’t be fooled by words or promises coming from her mouth – if she wants to get back together, eventually actions will speak louder than words.

2. She reminds you of all the good times you’ve shared together these are signs of regret in a woman.

Oftentimes people end up regretting a relationship because they don’t take into consideration that there were many amazing moments between them and their partner before the trouble started creeping in. 

If your girlfriend is constantly bringing up memories from your past or things that you have done together, then she just might want to get back with you more than she’s letting on.

3. She tells her friends about her regrets over ending things with you.

Although it might be hard for her to admit out loud, some women operate on the theory that if they can’t say anything nice, then they shouldn’t say anything at all – so they keep quiet about their relationship mistakes. 

If your girlfriend is sharing her regrets with other people, especially mutual friends or family members, then she’s likely telling you how she really feels through the grapevine – which isn’t necessarily a good thing if she never tells you directly!

4. She says “I love you” when she sleeps with you. This is how to know if she regrets losing you.

When someone says “I love you” during an intimate moment, it means that they are revealing their true feelings for you at the moment of extreme vulnerability when two bodies are intertwined together physically. 

If your ex-girlfriend blurts out these three little words during sex between the both of you, don’t be surprised if she begins to regret losing this physical connection after all – sometimes absence makes our hearts grow fonder!

5. She refers to you as her best friend when talking about the breakup. These are signs she regrets hurting you.

Even though it might not mean much coming from someone who is no longer in your life, if your ex girlfriend keeps referring to you in a friendly way during conversations with friends or family members, then she just might be looking for an excuse to get back together with you! 

After all, couples can often stay good friends after breaking up – so why not give the two of you another shot?

6. She frequently asks about what’s going on in your day-to-day life.

If hearing that your ex misses you makes you feel like there’s hope for reconciliation yet, then finding out that she frequently inquires about what’s going on in your life will definitely provide you with an extra pick-me-up. If this is the case, then it’s likely that she’s envious of your life without her!

7. She defers to your opinion when faced with a tough decision.

Actions speak louder than words – if your girlfriend always looks to you for advice before making important choices, then she just might regret losing you both emotionally and physically. 

Don’t be surprised if she reaches out to get back together soon enough after realizing how much easier things are when the two of you are together in every sense of the word.

8. She keeps coming up with excuses not to say goodbye on the phone or in person. This is when she regrets losing you.

Everyone misses someone after they’ve gone away for a while – even if they think that it’s for the best. 

If your ex-girlfriend is always trying to dodge saying goodbye to you over the phone or in person, then she’s probably regretting her decision not to tell you how she feels about you before taking off!

9. She keeps bringing up old memories during conversation.

Even though it might be hard for someone to let go of their past completely, if your ex girlfriend can’t stop thinking about all of the good times between the two of you when she’s in a new relationship, then there’s still hope that one day down the line everything can once again come full circle! 

Even if these memories don’t result in reconciliation immediately, they’re sure signs that perhaps one day down the line your two paths will cross once again.

10. She avoids talking about you with her new beau.

If your ex-girlfriend doesn’t want to discuss what went wrong between the two of you, or if she even bothers to say that it just didn’t work out, then this is a sure sign that she’s avoiding reflecting on all of those old memories for one reason – because deep down inside she knows that they still mean something to both of you! 

The best way to deal with heartache is by trying not to think about your past at all – but naturally everyone has an emotional attachment towards their first love. If she’s really over feeling anything for you, then there shouldn’t be any reason for her not to talk about the two of you – after all, no one cares!

11. She frequently asks her new beau about what your relationship was like together.

If your ex-girlfriend is always asking her new guy about what you guys used to do as a couple together, then there’s a good chance that she’s using this as a comparison tool with regards to how much more compatible she feels with him than that of how things were going between the two of you! 

If the sex is that much better or if he’s just an emotionally open individual, then it could definitely mean trouble for anyone else who is trying to get back with you down the line…so don’t think too hard before committing yourself again because once someone else has been there and won, then there’s a good chance that they’re going to want to go back for seconds!

12. She avoids making a decision about the future of your relationship.

If taking a break from each other once couldn’t stop you from being together, then why is it different now? 

After all, if you were able to stay in touch while spending time with someone else, then chances are you’ll be able to do the same thing as well as finding some way to pick up where you left off as soon as your ex starts feeling nostalgic again! 

Everyone gets into a relationship for different reasons – but if your ex-girlfriend can’t decide whether or not she wants to stay in the present tense with you, then it’s pretty clear that there are still plenty of unresolved feelings between the two of you.

13. She refers to her new man exclusively as “friend”

While everyone is entitled to their privacy, if your girlfriend keeps using terms like “friend” when talking about how good things are going between her and her new beau, then it probably means that something just ain’t right! 

The problem might stem from the fact that she misses having someone who is emotionally open to her at all times, without fear of judgment or repercussion. If this is the case – then by all means let her walk away, but don’t wait around for too long because she’s going to have a change of heart again soon enough!

14. She talks about her new beau as though he is one of your ex-girlfriend’s best friends.

It might be a good thing that she realizes what you guys had was something special, but if she keeps saying things like “I’m so glad we’re together now” and talking about how much fun the two of them are having hanging out with each other day after day – then odds are she’s either trying to convince herself that it’s better off without you or start getting used to the idea that he’ll eventually become someone important in your life as well! 

Even if this isn’t a case of a rebound – if she starts to devalue what you had so suddenly, then it’s probably because she has started looking at your relationship as all about the excitement instead of real emotional reflection.

15. She talks more frequently about her future with her new beau as compared to what she used to say about you.

If your ex-girlfriend is always talking about how great things are going with him and how much fun they have together – without really saying anything on a positive note or having any real meaning behind those words, then this could be an indication that there isn’t much substance to the bond between the two of them anyways! 

If your girl keeps bringing up the fact that he makes money than you do or who is going to take care of her and her family in the long term (which is a major relationship cliche!) then it almost sounds like she’s trying to find reasons not to be with you anymore.

16. She’s already discussing marriage and children with her new beau.

Even if she hasn’t said anything to you about being ready for a future together, the minute that your ex-girlfriend starts talking about wanting to marry someone else or have a child with him within a certain time frame – then this is definitely an indication that she’s trying to get over you as fast as possible by making sure that there are other things in front of her eyes! 

While it might be unfair because everyone has their own timeline, the moment your girl starts talking about having kids or getting married soon after meeting someone new – then chances are they aren’t going to last very long at all!

17. She tells you how much fun she has when spending time with him.

It doesn’t matter if she’s talking about an actual event that happened between the two of them, or just casually mentioning how much fun they had together while eating dinner at a restaurant – this is your cue to start thinking about moving on! 

If your girlfriend can’t even talk about anything good you did together without feeling like it was ages ago and having to force herself to say something positive, then chances are there’s no going back; because by doing this she’s subconsciously telling you everything you need to get out of there already.

18. She talks more frequently (and positively) about her friends rather than what she loves most – YOU! 

If your ex-girlfriend has been known in the past for dumping guys right after meeting someone new whenever she felt like you guys were starting to go too fast in the relationship, then this behavior of hers is going to come up again with a vengeance! I

If she keeps bringing her friends into the conversation and smiling about things that they did together – then this is a sign that she’s trying to rekindle her old social circle in order to feel more comfortable in moving on with someone else.

It might be hard for you to take at first, but if it turns out that there really isn’t anything between you two when all of the cards are down – then knowing this about your ex-girlfriend will make it easier for both of you! 

Once you realize that your former girlfriend has been seeing someone else behind your back, then you’ll be able to move on and put this whole situation behind you!

19. She starts talking about moving on and how great the world is.

If your girlfriend suddenly becomes short-tempered whenever you try to talk to her, starts lashing out at you for no reason, or goes as far as separating herself from you completely – then this is one of those signs that your ex wants to move on without you! 

This kind of behavior might seem insensitive or mean-spirited toward the other person involved, but it’s actually a defense mechanism built to keep any sort of guilt away from hurting anyone else by blinding them with pride.

20. She begins cutting down your past together and assets that she once loved just a few weeks after cutting contact with you. 

If your ex-girlfriend has started saying things like “I never really loved you anyway” or something similar to that, then this is definitely your cue to start moving on! 

If she starts casting shade over anything good that the both of you have done together in the past without any reason whatsoever, then chances are this behavior has absolutely nothing to do with the way you treated her – and everything to do with the fact that she wants to forget about her time with you as quickly as possible!


Things may be wrong during your breakup. But, that doesn’t mean that your ex-girlfriend will never regret this! We have mentioned 20 signs she regrets losing you so that you can give her a chance or simply find out what things went wrong in the past.

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