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9 Signs He Knows He Messed Up With You

Signs He Knows He Messed Up

Everyone makes mistakes, but some people seem to make more than their fair share. 

If you’re dating someone who can’t seem to stay out of trouble, here are a few signs that he knows he’s messed up and is trying to make things right.

How do men behave when men they regret in a relationship?

The man who after a relationship, or several relationships, begins to regret certain as decided that this is not the perfect woman. There are things he wanted to change from his partner and could not because she was now no longer in your life. 

Well how does he feel? He feels bad. It’s normal. Although sometimes regret can sting for a long time within us, we should never forget that there is always something positive and would serve as a lesson and experience and it will do you good . 

And remember too: It’s only an opinion about yourself and not real at all . You deserve someone who loves you really, just like everyone deserves love!

9 Signs he knows he messed up

​​1. He’s trying to dress up at you on your date

I know this one is probably the most obvious, but let me elaborate. If he goes out of his way to dress up for the date, there is obviously something wrong with him and he knows it. 

What man wakes up in the morning after messing up and thinks “Hey you know what, I think I’m just going to wear a suit today.”? 

No! No man does that unless they want to impress their date or she has made it very clear that she prefers men who are well dressed. This is basically him telling you sorry for last night and trying to earn brownie points by looking nice for you.

​ ​2. He asks you to leave after your date wraps up/he drops you home

This one is basically the same as number 1. It should be obvious by now that he really messed up and it’s not like he can wait until morning before you get angry at him (you may still be angry anyways). So what does this dude do? 

He asks you to leave and doesn’t want to talk about it right then and there because he knows that if he starts talking about it, all hell will break loose. What man wants that? 

No man! He just wants everything to be smooth sailing for a while so he can grovel correctly instead of getting his ass beat halfway through an argument.

​ ​3. He’s trying to be nice and helpful

If he notices that something is wrong with you, there is a high chance he knows what the problem is and most likely why it’s happening. 

So instead of confronting or arguing with you about what happened last night, he decides to do something for you. If your phone got wet last night or maybe one of your friends lost their keys that they needed for work the next day, there is a good chance that guy will try to fix it without letting on that this was done out of guilt from making you angry the previous night. 

He has some decent logic going on in his head because this way nobody gets hurt and both of you get what you want. Which leads me to my next point.

​ ​4. He buys you something/offers to help with something that you need

This one shouldn’t be much of a shocker either because let’s face it.. who doesn’t love gifts or free assistance? If he was trying to get on your good side after last night, this would probably come in very handy for him. 

Guys don’t just randomly offer to do stuff for random girls so it’s safe to assume that if he offers his assistance today, what happened last night must have been pretty bad for him. 

If he goes out of his way to try and help you even though there are things going on in his own life at the moment, then you know there is definitely some guilt coming up from last night.

​ ​5. He tries to apologize but you won’t let him get a word in edgewise

If this happens, there is no way he didn’t mess up the previous night. What type of woman won’t stop talking long enough for her boyfriend/date/hookup to even open his mouth and say “I’m sor-“? Any type of girl I want! That’s who. 

If a guy has done something bad enough that you can tell by looking into his eyes that he knows it was wrong, then the chances of him getting a word in edgewise are very slim unless you just keep rambling on until he gets a chance to speak (which some girls may find funny). 

However, if he does manage to get a word in and you just shut him down then there is no way this was not done out of guilt. Why would anyone want to talk if they didn’t mess up?

​ ​6. He tries too hard to make sure everything goes well for the rest of the night/day

If he has admitted his mistakes and tried apologizing but you still won’t let him speak, the odds are very good that what happened last night really bothered him and he probably wants to avoid it from happening again. 

So what does he do next? He makes sure you’re happy with anything that’s going on right now which includes spending more time together, doing something nice for you or giving off some hints that “I’ll do better next time, I promise”. 

It’s not in his nature to put work in after he has already messed up so if you see him being extremely nice for no reason in particular, there is probably something bothering him about what happened previously.

​ ​7. He gives off the silent treatment every once in a while but acts like everything is okay afterwards

This one can be really confusing for some girls because they don’t know why their guy went from apologizing to giving them the cold shoulder. The odds are very good that this was done out of guilt and frustration. 

Guys don’t like talking about their issues (especially when it comes to relationships) so instead of having an open conversation with you about last night, he decides to give you the silent treatment. 

He just needs time to cool down before he talks or risk losing his temper right away which would probably make him come off as rude for what happened last night. 

But once he gets himself together, he will act like nothing has ever happened and try even harder to make everything perfect because he wants you to forget all about it.

​ ​8. He goes way out of his way to be there for you when you need him most

Guys don’t do favors out of nowhere unless something significant is holding them back from doing whatever it is that they are trying to accomplish at that moment. 

If your guy comes through in a big way towards the end of the day after being MIA all morning then odds are that he just wants to make sure you still think highly of him. 

He knows there is something big coming up and he doesn’t want to slip up again so now it’s safe to say that his solo activities for the rest of the day are probably going to be non-existent either. 

If your guy comes through without trying too hard then this means he’s very serious about fixing things with you.

​ ​9. You ask him what happened last night and all you get is silence

If your guy can’t even bring himself to tell you what went wrong during last night, odds are pretty good that it was something extremely bad because most men hate keeping secrets from their women. 

This also means that even though he may talk a big game about you not being able to help him through whatever happened, the only reason he even has a voice is because he trusts that you are going to be there for him no matter what happens. 

He’s probably trying his best at the moment to put on a brave face but if you’re patient enough to wait until everything blows over then your guy is truly sorry for what took place last night and would never want it to happen again.


If you are in a relationship with someone who seems to be unsure about their feelings for you, the following signs may help.   First look out for how they behave when talking or texting with other people. 

Do they make plans without inviting you? Next, pay attention to if he avoids eye contact and goes silent during conversations where previously there were no issues. 

Another sign of regret is that he starts getting defensive more often than usual; this could happen by deflecting blame onto others or blaming themselves. 

A final indicator that your partner has regrets is if his behavior becomes unpredictable like showing up at odd hours or disappearing from time to time without giving an explanation as to why.

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