How to tell a guy he looks good over text? 40 Ways

You just got a selfie from that guy you’ve been chatting with, and damn does he look good. But how do you let him know without coming on too strong? Telling someone they’re attractive over text can be tricky to navigate. You want to strike that perfect balance of complimenting them in a genuine, meaningful way while also keeping things light and casual. The key is to be specific in your compliment, keep things a bit flirty and playful, and close with a question to keep the conversation going. With a few simple tips, you’ll have the confidence to make his day and keep that spark alive through your phone screen. Read on to learn how to craft the perfect compliment for that cutie who just sent you his smile.

Set the Right Tone

The key to complimenting a guy over text is to keep things light and casual. You want to make him feel good without coming on too strong.

Start with a simple “Hey, how’s it going?” to open the conversation. Once he responds, tell him something like:

  • “Saw your pic on Instagram. Looking good!”
  • “Have to say, that shirt looks great on you.”
  • “Just wanted to say you’re looking handsome today.”

Keep things playful and avoid being too serious. Add an emoji like or to show you’re being flirty. Saying something about his style or attire is an easy way to pay him a compliment without getting too personal.

Be authentic and specific

How to tell a guy he looks good over text

The most meaningful compliments are honest and highlight what you genuinely like about him. For example, if he has striking eyes or an infectious smile, find a natural way to mention it. “Your eyes were the first thing I noticed about you” or “Seeing your smile always brightens my day.” Comments like these will make him feel special while also boosting his confidence.

Flirting over text can be fun when done the right way. Pay your guy a sincere compliment, keep things lighthearted and casual, and have playful conversation. Sending a selfie of you smiling or doing an activity you both enjoy is another great way to show you’re thinking of him while also opening the door for more compliments to come your way! With the right amount of humor and thoughtfulness, you’ll have him beaming with your kind words.

Compliment His Style

When it comes to complimenting how a guy looks, texts are perfect. You get to say exactly what’s on your mind without stumbling over your words in person. The key is keeping things light and casual while being genuine.

His Style

How to tell a guy he looks good over text

A simple “You looked really nice today” is a great start. But if you want to be more specific, comment on an item of clothing that caught your eye, like:

  • That blue button-down shirt made your eyes pop.
  • Loving the jacket, that color suits you.
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Commenting on his style shows you notice the effort he puts in. And guys love knowing their fashion choices don’t go unappreciated!

You can also compliment things he can’t control, in a thoughtful way:

  • Your smile brightens my day.
  • Have I told you you have the cutest dimples?

Keeping compliments appearance-focused but not overly flirty or physical is the sweet spot. Say he got a new haircut or has been working out. You might say:

-The new haircut looks great on you!

-Have you been working out? Because you’re looking really fit these days.

There’s no need to be overtly mushy in your compliments over text. Keep things light, genuine and balanced. Focus on specific things you genuinely like about his style or natural features. And if you do start flirting more intensely, save that for in-person where you can both feel the chemistry! With the right balance of casual compliments over text though, you’ll make him feel good and strengthen your connection.

Reference Specific Details

When telling a guy he looks good over text, reference specific details about his appearance that you noticed. Be genuine and speak from the heart. For example:

  • His smile: “Your smile brightened my day. You have a great smile!”
  • His style: “That blue shirt looks really good on you. You have a keen eye for style.”
  • His eyes: “I could get lost in your kind eyes. You have lovely eyes.”
  • His laugh: “Hearing your laugh always makes me smile. You have an infectious laugh.”

Compliment his qualities that make him uniquely him. For example:

  • His humor: “You always know how to make me laugh. Your sense of humor is one of my favorite things about you.”
  • His kindness: “You have such a kind heart. The way you treat people says a lot about your character.”
  • His passion: “I love how passionate you are about [interest or hobby]. Your enthusiasm is inspiring.”

Keep things light and casual to start. Once you’ve paid him a compliment or two over text, suggest continuing the conversation in person. For example:

“We should grab coffee this week so I can compliment you in person. My texts don’t do you justice!” This shows you’re interested in seeing him while keeping things playful and flirty.

When complimenting a guy’s appearance over text, be genuine, reference specific details you appreciate about him, compliment his qualities, and keep things light and casual. Most importantly, speak from the heart. While compliments are nice to receive, what really matters is that you see him for who he is – an amazing person inside and out.

Keep It Lighthearted

When texting a guy to compliment his looks, keeping things light and casual is key. You want to come across as genuine but not overeager.

Start with a simple opener like:

  • “Hey, hope you’re having a good day!”
  • “What’s up?”

Once he responds, ease into the compliment. For example:

  • “Saw your Instagram story—looking good!”
  • “Have to say, that shirt looks really great on you.”

Add a winking or smiling emoji to show you mean it playfully.

Don’t gush

While it’s nice to receive compliments, avoid going overboard. Comments like “You’re the hottest guy I’ve ever seen” or “I can’t stop thinking about how sexy you are” may weird him out, especially if you’re not dating. Keep things balanced and avoid excessive flattery.

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Instead, say something like:

  • “Wanted to tell you you’re looking particularly handsome today.”
  • “Thought you should know you caught my eye—in the best way.”

Keep the conversation light

Don’t dwell on his appearance or make it the sole focus of your conversation. Move on to chatting about your day, your shared interests, or making plans to meet up. The compliment should be a casual aside, not the main event. If he says thanks for the kind words, say something like:

  • “Just being honest! So what else is new with you?”
  • “You’re welcome. Anyway, did you catch the game last night?”

Keeping your texting fun and flirty without being over the top is the perfect way to let that special guy know you’ve noticed how good he’s looking, all while strengthening your connection. With a little charm and humor, you’ll have him smiling and eager to continue the conversation.

Follow Up and Ask Questions

So you sent that flirty text to the guy you’re crushing on, and he responded positively. Great! Now it’s time to follow up and keep the conversation going. Asking good questions is key.

Some options:

  • Did you do anything fun this weekend?
  • How was the rest of your day?
  • Are you watching any good shows lately?

Express interest in the details of his life and share information about your own routines and hobbies. This helps build connection and shows you’re engaged in meaningful back-and-forth dialog.

Keep things light and casual

While it’s great to ask questions and show you’re paying attention, don’t interrogate the guy or demand lengthy responses, especially this early on. Keep things breezy and fun. For example:

  • Hope you’re having a good day so far! Just wanted to say hi.
  • Thinking of you! How’s it going?

Simple messages like these remind him you’re interested without putting too much pressure on an extended conversation.

Flirt and compliment (appropriately)

Once you’ve established a playful rapport, don’t be afraid to flirt via text. Keep compliments genuine and avoid being too physical:

  • Was just talking to a friend about what a great smile you have.
  • You seem like someone who really has his life together. I find that attractive!

Paying sincere compliments shows you notice the qualities that make him special. Just be sure to do so respectfully and avoid unwanted sexual objectification.

With the right balance of questions, casual check-ins, flirting, and compliments, you’ll keep this new romance steadily building over text. The key is making genuine connections through meaningful back-and-forth communication. Keep things light, positive, and most of all – have fun! Before you know it, you’ll have inside jokes, lots of shared smiles, and plans for an in-person date.

40 ways How to tell a guy he looks good over text

1. “You’re seriously rocking that outfit!”
2. “You have an effortless sense of style.”
3. “Damn, you clean up nicely!”
4. “I must say, you’re looking quite dapper today.”
5. “You’ve got serious style game going on.”
6. “Those clothes were made for you!”
7. “You’re looking absolutely handsome!”
8. “You could be a model with those looks!”
9. “Every time I see you, you’re more attractive than the last.”
10. “I can’t help but stare at how good you look.”
11. “You’re like a fine wine, just getting better with age.”
12. “Just had to let you know, you’re turning heads with your appearance.”
13. “Looks like someone put in some extra effort today – and it paid off!”
14. “You definitely have that ‘wow’ factor.”
15. “Your confidence is making you even more attractive.”
16. “Your style is on point!”
17. “You make any outfit look amazing.”
18. “Is there anything you can’t pull off? Because I haven’t seen it yet.”
19. “You’ve got that killer combination of good looks and charm.”
20. “You’re giving off some serious heartthrob vibes.”
21. “I’m always impressed by how well-dressed you are.”
22. “You’re the definition of ‘stylish’ in my book.”
23. “You’re looking so good, it’s distracting me!”
24. “Never doubt how attractive you are – it’s impossible not to notice.”
25. “You’re the type of person who makes everyone’s heads turn when you walk in the room.”
26. “Your magnetic presence is hard to resist.”
27. “You have a natural ability to make any outfit look effortless and amazing.”
28. “Just wanted to let you know that you’re the epitome of good looks.”
29. “I can’t help but feel lucky to have such an attractive guy in my life.”
30. “You’ve got style for days!”
31. “Your appearance is always on point.”
32. “You always know how to dress to impress.”
33. “You’re causing some serious envy with your good looks.”
34. “You’ve got that ‘it’ factor, and it’s impossible not to notice.”
35. “You make even the simplest outfits look incredible.”
36. “I’m loving how good you’re looking today – seriously impressive.”
37. “You’re the definition of handsomeness.”
38. “Your sense of style is impeccable.”
39. “I can’t get over how good you look – it’s mesmerizing.”
40. “Just had to let you know that you’re absolutely striking.”

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So next time you see a photo of that cutie and want to let him know he’s looking especially handsome, go ahead and send him a compliment. Keep things light and casual, focus on specific things you genuinely like about his appearance, and sign off with a wink or smiley face. He’ll surely appreciate your kind words and affectionate gesture. And who knows, it could lead to an even more interesting conversation! Flirting via text may feel a bit strange at first, but with some practice you’ll be dishing out thoughtful compliments and witty banter in no time. Now get to texting, you smooth operator, you!

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