Never trust a man who kisses with his eyes open

Have you ever kissed someone and noticed their eyes were open, gazing right at you the whole time? Creepy, right? There’s just something unsettling about a person who can’t even close their eyes for a kiss. Maybe they’re trying to analyze your technique or see if you have any stray eyebrow hairs that need plucking. Or maybe they just have an odd fascination with watching people’s facial expressions up close.

Whatever the reason, a man who kisses with his eyes open is not to be trusted. Think about it – if he’s bold enough to stare you down mid-smooch, who knows what other weird behaviors he’s capable of. He could be plotting to determine how long it takes you to fall asleep so he can rummage through your handbag, or timing how long it takes you to chew each bite of food. The possibilities are endless.

So do yourself a favor – if you find yourself locking lips with a man whose eyes remain suspiciously open, break that kiss and get out of there quick. No one needs that kind of creepy in their lives. Kissing is an intimate act that should be enjoyed with abandon, not treated as an opportunity to closely observe your partner for clues about their personality or habits.

The Importance of Eye Contact While Kissing

When it comes to kissing, eye contact is everything. Making eye contact with your partner during a kiss allows you to connect on a deeper level and experience the moment fully.

Look Into Their Eyes

Gaze into your partner’s eyes just before your lips meet. As you start kissing, keep your eyes open for a few seconds while your lips explore each other. Look for little details like the color of their eyes or any small flecks of color. Take in the shape of their eyelids or any sweet little crinkles at the corners of their eyes. These little details will make the moment more meaningful and help strengthen your emotional connection.

Don’t Stare, Glance

Once you’ve had your initial moment of eye contact, don’t stare creepily into their eyes the whole time. Glance up occasionally to re-establish that visual connection and bond. Quick little glances into each other’s eyes, combined with the physical sensation of kissing, release oxytocin – the “love hormone”. Oxytocin is what gives you that warm, cozy feeling of intimacy and closeness with another person.

Close Your Eyes When It Feels Right

While eye contact is important initially, don’t force it the entire time. When kissing your partner feels natural and unforced, go ahead and close your eyes. Let yourself get lost in the moment and just feel. Sensually explore each other with your hands and lips. Eye contact combined with physical touch is the perfect combo for creating closeness, but do what feels right for you and your partner.

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Whether eyes open or closed, focus on truly connecting with the other person. Make eye contact, share little smiles, gently caress their face. These small gestures strengthen your bond and build emotional intimacy, which is the foundation for a healthy, trusting relationship.

Why Men Who Keep Their Eyes Open Can’t Be Trusted

When a man kisses you but keeps his eyes open the whole time, it’s a major red flag. Why? Because men who can’t be fully present in an intimate moment like that probably struggle with vulnerability and authentic connection in relationships.

He’s distracted or not really “there”

If he’s looking around the room or seems preoccupied while kissing you, his mind is elsewhere. A kiss should be an experience you share together, not something he’s half-heartedly going through the motions of while thinking of something else. His open eyes signal that you don’t have his full attention or interest.

He lacks passion or commitment

A passionate, meaningful kiss usually involves closing your eyes to focus on the sensations and emotions. Open eyes can indicate that he’s not fully “into it” or invested in the experience of connecting with you. If he can’t commit to simply closing his eyes for a kiss, will he commit to you?

He could be insecure or distrusting

Some men keep their eyes open during intimacy due to insecurity, anxiety or control issues. He may feel vulnerable with his eyes closed, or not fully trust you or the situation. Of course, there are exceptions, but as a general rule, a man who kisses with his eyes wide open may not yet be capable of the kind of emotional intimacy, vulnerability and trust that a healthy relationship requires.

Unless there’s a very good explanation, a man who kisses with his eyes open is probably not the kind of guy you want to give your heart to. Find someone who will kiss you with his whole heart – and eyes fully closed.

The Psychology Behind Eyes Wide Shut Kissing

When a man kisses with his eyes open, it can be a sign that he’s not fully present in the moment with you. His mind may be wandering or he could be putting on an act to appear more romantic than he actually feels. There are a few possible explanations for this behavior:

Lack of Emotional Connection

Kissing is an intimate act that typically involves closing your eyes to focus on the sensations and experience. When a man keeps his eyes open, it could indicate he’s not fully emotionally connected or invested in the kiss. He may be distracted or simply going through the motions without truly feeling the passion.

Performance Anxiety

Some men may keep their eyes open during a first kiss out of nervousness, anxiety or a desire to gage your reaction. He wants to see if you’re enjoying the kiss or if he’s “doing it right.” This usually only happens during initial kisses before he becomes more comfortable and confident. If it continues repeatedly though, it could still be a sign of other issues.

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Control Issues

Men who always need to feel in control or on alert may have trouble fully letting go during a kiss. Keeping their eyes open is a way to maintain control of the situation and see any potential “threats” coming. This behavior tends to permeate other areas of their life as well. These types of men typically need to feel like they have the upper hand in relationships.

The underlying reasons for open-eyed kissing are complex and varied. But as a general rule of thumb, if a man frequently kisses with his eyes open, especially during more passionate moments, it may be worth evaluating the emotional connection and quality of intimacy in the relationship. The kiss is meant to be an unspoken conversation between two people, so make sure you’re both speaking the same language.

How to Spot Untrustworthy Men Through Their Kissing Style

Never trust a man who kisses with his eyes open. Why? Because it shows he’s untrustworthy in how he expresses affection. Watch out for these signs when kissing:

He stares into your eyes the entire time

A man who keeps his eyes open during a kiss is putting on an act. He wants to appear intimate and engaged, but in reality, he’s just going through the motions. His gaze is meant to be intense and passionate, but comes off as forced and phony. A truly intimate kiss involves closing your eyes and losing yourself in the moment—not staring at the other person to gage their reaction.

His kisses seem robotic and rehearsed

If a man kisses in a very abrupt, rough way or sticks to a predictable routine, it feels like he’s just executing a series of steps rather than genuinely connecting with you. His kisses will lack emotion, tenderness and spontaneity. He may go straight for an open-mouth kiss or grope you in an overly aggressive way. A caring, trustworthy man will start slow, read your body language, and build up passion and intensity in an organic way.

He talks or asks questions during kissing

Conversation is meant for before or after a kiss, not during. A man who talks or asks “how’s this?” or “do you like this?” in the middle of kissing is distracted and not fully engaged in the experience. His mind is elsewhere, worrying about how he’s coming across rather than simply enjoying your connection. Kissing is meant to be a sensual, non-verbal form of communication. Words just ruin the moment.

In the end, the way a man kisses says a lot about his authenticity and trustworthiness. If his eyes stay open, his kisses seem staged or he talks when he should be kissing, these clues point to a man who isn’t fully focused on you. So keep your eyes open for these signs, but keep yours closed when you kiss! The right man will make you forget everything else exists.

Never Trust a Man Who Kisses With His Eyes Open: The Bottom Line

The bottom line is, never trust a man who kisses with his eyes open. There are a few reasons why this type of man should raise some red flags:

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He’s Distracted

A man who keeps his eyes open while kissing you is likely distracted or not fully present in the moment. His mind is probably wandering or he’s thinking about something else other than you. A man who is truly captivated by you and invested in the kiss will have his eyes closed, focusing all his energy and attention on you.

He’s Not Emotionally Invested

Keeping eyes open during an intimate moment like kissing shows a lack of emotional vulnerability and openness. It signifies he may not be fully letting go or embracing the experience with you. He’s holding back a part of himself. A man who closes his eyes while kissing you demonstrates he feels comfortable and at ease being emotionally exposed with you in that moment.

He Lacks Passion

A passionate, sensual kiss usually involves closing your eyes. It helps enhance the other senses and allows you to get lost in the moment. A man who kisses with his eyes open lacks that passion and sensuality. The kiss may feel mechanical, forced or awkward. There’s no “fireworks” or chemistry.

He’s Untrustworthy

Finally, a man who kisses with his eyes open may raise trust issues. Why does he feel the need to keep his eyes open? Does he not fully trust you or feel suspicious in some way? Is he looking around to see who’s watching or checking other women out? Whatever the reason, it signifies a lack of trust and comfort that should make you question pursuing a relationship with this man.

In summary, a man who kisses with his eyes open probably lacks passion, emotional investment, focus and trustworthiness. Unless there’s a very good explanation for this odd behavior, you’re better off finding a man who will sweep you off your feet by closing his eyes and kissing you with wild abandonment!


So there you have it, ladies. If you’re with a guy who insists on keeping his eyes open during a kiss, take that as a major red flag. It means he’s not fully invested in the moment with you, not giving you his full attention and affection. He’s got one eye on the kiss and one eye on the exit. Don’t waste your time on someone who’s already looking past you to the next thing. You deserve someone who will close their eyes, block out the rest of the world, and really feel the kiss – feel you. Never trust a man who kisses with his eyes open. Find a guy who kisses you like you’re the only thing in the room, the only thing in the world that matters in that moment. And when you do, close your eyes, kiss him back, and never let him go.

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