14 Signs Your Ex Is Just Being Nice

Breaking up is hard to do, but what’s even harder is deciphering your ex’s true intentions after the split. Are they trying to rekindle the flame or are they just being nice? It’s a question that plagues many people in this situation, leading to confusion and mixed emotions. In this blog post, we’ll explore the signs that may indicate your ex is just being friendly and not attempting to win you back. From excessive gift-giving to social media behavior, we’ve got you covered with all the clues you need to decode your ex’s actions. So grab a cup of coffee (or wine), sit back and let’s dive into the world of post-breakup dynamics!

They Text and Call More Than Usual

If your ex is suddenly texting and calling you more than usual, it’s natural to wonder if they’re trying to reignite the romance. However, before jumping to any conclusions, take a moment to consider their motives.

It’s possible that they simply miss having you in their life as a friend or confidant. Perhaps they don’t have anyone else to talk to about certain things or just enjoy your company. Alternatively, they could be feeling lonely and seeking comfort in familiar territory.

On the other hand, if their messages seem flirty or suggestive in nature, this may indicate that there is still some romantic interest on their part. Be wary of falling into old patterns and being pulled back into an unhealthy relationship dynamic.

Their Gift Giving Becomes Excessive

One of the signs that your ex is just being nice is when their gift giving becomes excessive. While receiving gifts from an ex may seem like a positive thing, it’s important to pay attention to the frequency and value of these gifts.

At first, you may think that your ex simply wants to make amends or show appreciation for the time you spent together. However, if they start showering you with expensive presents or sending gifts on a regular basis, there could be more going on beneath the surface.

Excessive gift-giving can sometimes indicate feelings of guilt or regret on their part. They might also be trying to win back your affections through material goods rather than genuine emotional connection.

It’s important not to get caught up in the excitement of receiving lavish gifts without considering why they are being given in such abundance. If your ex truly wants to reconcile and rebuild a healthy relationship with you, they should focus on honest communication and genuine efforts towards reconciliation instead of relying solely on grand gestures.

They Ask You a Lot of Questions About Your Life

One of the signs that your ex might not just be nice but may still have feelings for you is when they start asking you a lot of questions about your life. They want to know how you are doing, what’s new with you, and if there is anything exciting happening in your life. This type of behavior could indicate that they miss being a part of your life.

Your ex may also ask more personal questions such as how work or school has been going, and what goals you have set for yourself. They might even inquire about any new relationships or friendships you’ve established since the breakup.

It’s important to keep in mind that this behavior doesn’t necessarily mean they want to get back together with you. It could simply be a sign that they still care about you and are interested in maintaining a friendship.

However, if their questioning becomes excessive or invasive, it’s okay to establish boundaries and let them know what topics are off-limits. Remember to communicate clearly and respectfully so that both parties feel comfortable moving forward.

They Try to Make You Jealous

One of the most common signs that your ex is just being nice is when they try to make you jealous. It can be difficult to discern their true intentions, but it’s important to keep an eye out for this behavior.

One way they may try to make you jealous is by talking about other people they are interested in or going on dates with. They might even go as far as flaunting these new relationships on social media, hoping that it will spark a reaction from you.

Another tactic they might use is bringing up past relationships or flings in conversation, trying to gauge your response and see if you still have feelings for them.

It’s important not to give into these attempts at making you feel jealous. Remember that their actions are likely driven by their own insecurities and desire for attention rather than genuine interest in getting back together.

If your ex continues down this path despite your indifference, it may be time to cut off contact and move on with your life without them.

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They Post Subtly Negative Comments About You on Social Media

Social media has become a part of our daily lives, and it’s not uncommon for people to post their thoughts and feelings online. However, if your ex is posting subtly negative comments about you on social media, it might be a sign that they’re not being as nice as you think.

These negative comments can range from passive-aggressive remarks to outright insults. They may seem harmless at first glance, but if your ex keeps doing this repeatedly then it could be an indication of something deeper going on.

One possibility is that your ex is trying to make you feel bad or guilty about the breakup. By putting these negative comments out there in public, they may hope that others will take their side and make you look bad.

Another possibility is that your ex is simply struggling with their own emotions after the breakup. Posting negative comments could be a way for them to cope with those feelings by venting online.

Either way, if you notice this behavior from your ex on social media, it’s important to address it directly with them. Let them know how their actions are making you feel and ask them why they’re doing it. Communication is key in any relationship – even after a breakup – so don’t hesitate to speak up if something feels off or uncomfortable.

They Talk About the Good Times You Had Together

It’s common for people to reminisce about the good times they shared with their ex-partners. However, when your ex keeps bringing up past memories of your time together, it may be a sign that they’re not over you just yet.

Talking about happy memories is often used as a way to create an emotional connection between two people. Your ex might use this tactic to make you remember the good times and forget any negative aspects of your relationship.

This behavior can also indicate that your ex is feeling nostalgic or lonely. They may miss the bond you had and want to relive those moments in their mind.

However, it’s important not to get caught up in these conversations if you’ve moved on from the relationship. Remembering positive experiences shouldn’t undermine any reasons why you broke up in the first place.

If your ex constantly brings up old memories, try changing the subject or politely let them know that dwelling too much on the past isn’t productive for either of you. It’s better to focus on creating new experiences with someone who values and respects you in the present moment.

The sudden change in behavior

Have you noticed a sudden change in your ex’s behavior towards you? Maybe they used to be distant and now they’re constantly texting and calling, or perhaps they’ve started being overly nice when before they were cold. Whatever the case may be, it’s important to pay attention to this shift in behavior.

The first thing to consider is what might have caused the change. Did something happen in their personal life that has made them reevaluate things? Or maybe they’ve realized that breaking up with you was a mistake. On the other hand, it could just be an act of kindness on their part without any ulterior motive behind it.

However, it’s also possible that there is an underlying reason for their sudden friendliness. They might be trying to make themselves feel better about the breakup by showing how “nice” they are being or even trying to keep tabs on you through constant communication.

Regardless of what is causing this sudden change in behavior, it’s important not to get your hopes up too high or assume anything based solely on their actions. Keep your guard up and try not to read too much into things until you have more concrete evidence of what’s really going on.

The ulterior motive

It’s not uncommon for people to have ulterior motives when it comes to their interactions with others, especially exes. If your ex is suddenly being nice and attentive towards you, there may be an underlying reason behind their behavior.

Perhaps they want something from you, like forgiveness or a favor. Or maybe they’re trying to make themselves feel better about the breakup by proving that they can still be friendly with you. Whatever the motive may be, it’s important to approach the situation with caution and skepticism.

It’s possible that your ex genuinely wants to reconnect and rebuild a friendship, but it’s also possible that their intentions are less pure. Try not to get too caught up in their newfound kindness – pay attention to any red flags or warning signs that suggest ulterior motives.

Remember: just because someone is being nice doesn’t necessarily mean that they have good intentions. Keep your guard up and trust your instincts before fully opening yourself back up to an ex who has a potential hidden agenda.

They only talk about the good times

One common sign that your ex is just being nice is when they only talk about the good times you had together. It’s understandable to reminisce on past memories, but if this becomes their primary topic of conversation, it could be a red flag.

Perhaps they are feeling nostalgic or trying to relive happy moments with you. However, it’s important to remember that dwelling solely on the positive aspects of your relationship may not accurately represent how things were towards the end.

Talking excessively about the good times can also be an attempt at avoiding difficult conversations or ignoring any issues that led to the breakup. If this behavior continues, it may prevent both parties from moving forward and addressing any underlying problems.

It’s crucial to have open and honest communication in order for a relationship to work. Ignoring negative experiences and only focusing on positive memories doesn’t allow for growth or change.

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Making you feel guilty

One of the signs that your ex is just being nice is when they make you feel guilty. They may bring up past mistakes or things that caused conflict in the relationship, even if it’s irrelevant to the current situation. This can leave you feeling confused and anxious.

It’s important to recognize this behavior for what it is – a manipulation tactic. Your ex may be using guilt as a way to keep you in their life without actually committing to getting back together.

Remember that it’s not your responsibility to alleviate their guilt or fix past issues. It’s okay to set boundaries and prioritize your own emotional wellbeing. If they continue to use guilt as a means of control, it may be time to distance yourself from them.

Don’t let anyone make you feel unworthy or responsible for their emotions. You deserve respect and honesty in any relationship, whether it’s romantic or platonic. Trust your instincts and surround yourself with people who uplift and support you.

They are always busy

One sign that your ex is just being nice is when they always seem to be busy. You may have noticed that every time you try to make plans with them, they either cancel or say they can’t because of their schedule. This could mean a few things.

Firstly, it’s possible that your ex really is just busy. They may have taken on new responsibilities at work or in their personal life that are taking up a lot of their time and energy. In this case, it’s important to respect their boundaries and not take it personally.

However, if your ex consistently uses “being busy” as an excuse to avoid spending time with you, there may be something else going on. They could be trying to avoid leading you on by making plans they don’t intend to keep.

On the other hand, if your ex never seems too busy for other people but always cancels on you specifically, this could be a sign of lingering resentment or unresolved issues from the breakup.

They text you out of the blue

One of the signs that your ex is just being nice is when they unexpectedly text you out of the blue. This can be confusing and leave you wondering if there’s still something between the two of you. However, it’s important to consider their intentions behind these sudden messages.

It could be that they genuinely care about how you’re doing or want to catch up as friends. But it’s also possible that they have an ulterior motive, such as trying to reignite a romantic connection or wanting something from you.

You should pay attention to the content and timing of their texts. Are they reaching out at odd hours or only when they need something? Do their messages contain hints of flirtation or nostalgia for your past relationship?

If their texts seem more self-serving than friendly, it may be best to keep your distance and avoid getting caught up in any emotional games. Remember that just because someone contacts you doesn’t mean you owe them anything in return.

They invite you to hangout

One of the signs that your ex is just being nice is when they invite you to hang out. This could be anything from grabbing coffee or lunch, to going for a walk in the park or seeing a movie together. It’s important to pay attention to their behavior during these outings.

If your ex seems genuinely interested in spending time with you and catching up on what’s been going on in your life, then it’s possible that they are just being friendly. However, if they constantly bring up memories from your past relationship or try to flirt with you, then it may be a sign that they still have feelings for you.

It’s also important to consider why your ex wants to spend time with you. If they are hoping for a second chance at the relationship, then it might not be healthy for either of you to continue hanging out regularly.

They talk about the good times you had together

One of the most common signs that your ex is just being nice is when they bring up the good times you had together. This can be a tricky situation to navigate because it can be tempting to get caught up in those happy memories and start to think that maybe there’s still hope for a reconciliation.

However, before you start getting your hopes up, it’s important to remember why things didn’t work out in the first place. It’s easy to forget about all of the problems and issues that led to your breakup when you’re reminiscing about all of the fun times you had together. But if those underlying issues haven’t been resolved, then getting back together will likely only lead to more heartache in the long run.

Another thing to keep in mind is that talking about the good times may not necessarily mean that your ex wants to get back together with you. They could simply be trying to maintain a friendly relationship or alleviate any guilt they may feel over how things ended between you two.

It’s also possible that your ex is feeling nostalgic and misses some aspects of your relationship but doesn’t actually want anything more than friendship from you now.

Regardless of their motives, it’s important for both parties involved not to read too much into conversations about past experiences. If there are unresolved feelings on either side, it might be best for both people involved not talk about old memories at all until each party has time and space needed for emotional healing.

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They bring up mutual friends

One of the signs that your ex is just being nice is when they bring up mutual friends in conversations. Suddenly, they remember how much fun you all had together and start to reminisce about old times.

It’s important to be cautious when your ex does this because it doesn’t necessarily mean that they want to get back together with you. Sometimes, people simply enjoy talking about their past experiences and the memories associated with them.

However, if your ex starts bringing up specific events or situations that you shared with mutual friends, it could be a sign that they are trying to gauge your interest in hanging out as a group again.

On the other hand, if your ex avoids mentioning certain mutual friends or seems hesitant to talk about them at all, it could be an indication that there are unresolved issues between you and those individuals.

In any case, keep an open mind but don’t read too much into these conversations unless there are clear indications otherwise.

They act interested in your life

One of the signs that your ex is just being nice could be that they act interested in your life. This can be confusing, especially if you’re trying to move on from the relationship. However, it’s important to consider their intentions and whether or not this behavior aligns with their past actions.

If your ex is genuinely interested in your life without any ulterior motives, then it’s a positive sign. They may want to maintain a friendship or simply care about how you’re doing after the breakup. However, if their interest seems forced or fake, then there may be something else going on.

It’s also possible that they are using this as an opportunity to gather information about you for selfish reasons. They may want to keep tabs on you or use what they learn against you later.

Either way, it’s important to set boundaries and communicate clearly with your ex about what kind of relationship (if any) you want moving forward. Don’t feel obligated to share personal details if it makes you uncomfortable and don’t let them manipulate or guilt trip you into revealing more than you’re comfortable with.

They compliment you

One of the signs that your ex is just being nice is when they start complimenting you more often than before. These compliments may come in different forms, such as praising your appearance, intelligence or sense of humor.

At first, it might seem like a positive thing that your ex is noticing and appreciating these qualities about you. However, it’s important to consider the context in which these compliments are being given. Are they genuine and sincere or are they just trying to butter you up?

It’s also crucial to pay attention to how these compliments make you feel. Do they make you feel good and appreciated or do they bring up old wounds? If receiving compliments from your ex causes negative emotions it may be better to keep some distance.

Another aspect to consider is whether these compliments align with their past behavior towards you. Did they used to criticize or belittle certain aspects about yourself but now suddenly find them attractive? This could be a sign of manipulative intentions.

While getting praised by an ex can sometimes feel nice, it’s essential not only focus on what’s being said but also why and how things are communicated over time since actions speak louder than words.


It can be difficult to determine whether your ex is genuinely being nice or if they have an ulterior motive. However, by paying attention to their behavior and actions, you may be able to pick up on the signs that they are just pretending to be kind. Remember that it’s important to prioritize your own emotional well-being and not allow yourself to fall for any manipulative tactics. If you’re unsure about their intentions, it’s always best to communicate openly with them and set clear boundaries. Ultimately, moving on from a past relationship takes time and self-care, but recognizing these signs can help make the process smoother in the long run.

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