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15 Wife Pick Up Lines

15 Wife Pick Up Lines

Welcome to my blog post on wife pick up lines! I’m sure you’ve all heard some pretty cheesy pick up lines in your lifetime, but these ones are specifically for wives! I’ll be sharing some of the best (and worst) pick up lines I’ve heard husbands use on their wives, so hopefully you can get a good laugh out of this post. And who knows, maybe you’ll even find a new pick up line to use on your own wife!

What Is the Most Romantic Thing to Say?

There’s nothing quite as romantic as hearing the perfect pick up line from your significant other. Whether it’s during a first date or after years of marriage, hearing your partner say something that makes you weak in the knees is always a special moment.

While there are many different ways to approach pick up lines, there’s something special about wife pick up lines. Perhaps it’s the fact that they’re coming from the person you’re already married to that makes them so special. Or maybe it’s because wife pick up lines tend to be a little bit more creative and personal than other types of pick up lines.

How Do I Text Romantic?

There is no one definitive answer to this question. However, some tips on how to text romantic messages to your wife may include expressing your love and appreciation for her, telling her how lucky you feel to be married to her, or sending her a heartfelt message on a special occasion. Whatever you do, make sure your words come from the heart and express your genuine feelings for your wife.

What Are the Sweetest Love Messages?

“What are the sweetest love messages?” is a question that is often asked by couples who are looking to add a little bit of extra romance to their relationship. There are many different ways to answer this question, but one of the most popular ways is to share some sweet love messages with your partner.

These messages can be anything from simple compliments to more detailed love notes. No matter what you choose to write, the important thing is that your message comes from the heart and expresses your true feelings for your partner.

List of Pickup Lines for Her

1. I’d wife you up in a second.

2. I’d love to be your husband.

3. You’re the wife I’ve always wanted.

4. You’re the perfect wife for me.

5. I think we’d make a great husband and wife.

6. I’d be honored to be your husband.

7. Will you be my wife?

8. I want to spend the rest of my life with you as my wife.

9. You’re the only woman I could ever see myself marrying.

10. I’d be proud to call you my wife.

11. I think we’d make a great team as husband and wife.

12. I’d love to have you as my wife.

13. Will you marry me?


After reading through some of these wife pick up lines, it’s clear that there are a lot of ways to approach your wife and get her attention. Whether you’re looking for a serious conversation starter or just a way to get her laughing, these lines should help you break the ice and get the conversation going.

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