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So there you are, sitting across from an interesting new date at your favorite coffee shop, and they turn to you and ask the dreaded question: “What do you like to do for fun?” Your mind goes blank. What do you say? The standard answers of “watching Netflix” or “hanging with friends” seem boring and cliche. You want to seem interesting and impress them! The good news is, there are some unexpected answers that are authentic to who you are but also intriguing. Forget the usual suspects, and consider these surprising and engaging responses to that fateful question. Your date’s curiosity will be piqued, and they’ll gain insight into the depth and complexity of your personality. Most importantly, you’ll avoid that awkward silence as you grasp for an interesting answer. Crisis averted! Read on to discover some delightfully unanticipated ways to answer the question “What do you like to do for fun?” that are sure to spark an engaging conversation.

The Most Common Hobbies People Mention

When it comes to dating, people often mention the same common hobbies and interests. Some of the top ones include:


A lot of singles love exploring new places and having adventures. Mentioning that you enjoy traveling, visiting museums, or trying different cuisines is a great way to seem worldly and convey your sense of wanderlust.


Curling up with a good book is a favorite pastime for many. Don’t just say you like reading – mention some of your favorite books or genres to give a glimpse into your imagination and depth of knowledge.


Staying active and fit is important to a lot of people. Specify the type of exercise you enjoy, whether it’s yoga, running, cycling or hitting the gym. Showing you value health and wellness is always attractive.


Mentioning you like to cook or bake in your spare time makes you seem like someone who would be a great date. Describe some of your signature dishes or favorite cuisines to whet their appetite!

Netflix and Chilling

While watching TV or movies is a popular hobby, don’t make this your only interest. Balance it out by also including some active or social hobbies. Say you enjoy documentaries, sci-fi thrillers or comedy specials, rather than just “Netflix”.

The key is to provide some details and specifics about your hobbies, rather than vague or generic terms. Show your authentic self by highlighting 3 to 4 hobbies that you genuinely find fun and exciting. That way, you’ll find someone with shared interests and passion. Isn’t that what finding a great match is all about?

Creative Answers That Stand Out

Coming up with a fun and interesting answer to “What do you like to do for fun?” on a date can be challenging. You want to showcase your personality and share an enjoyable pastime, but in a creative way. Here are some outside-the-box responses that will make you stand out:

-I like to stargaze at night and get lost in the beauty and mystery of the galaxy. There’s something humbling yet thrilling about gazing up at the infinite unknown. Do you ever wonder what’s out there?

-One of my favorite hobbies is cooking and trying out new recipes. I find it relaxing and rewarding to make a delicious meal from scratch. I’d love to cook you an amazing candlelit dinner if you’re up for an adventure in the kitchen!

-I enjoy learning new random skills through online tutorials, whether it’s pen spinning, lock picking, or even knife throwing. Life is all about continuous self-improvement and expanding your horizons, wouldn’t you agree?

-Have you ever tried geocaching? It’s like an outdoor scavenger hunt where you use GPS to track down hidden treasures. I love exploring nature, solving puzzles, and the thrill of the search. We could go on an adventure together if you’re game for some mystery and excitement!

Coming up with a creative answer shows you have diverse interests and a thirst for new experiences. Discussing an unusual hobby, skill, or activity you genuinely enjoy in an enthusiastic way will make you memorable and pique their interest in getting to know the fun and fascinating person you are. So tap into your passions and don’t be afraid to reveal what truly makes you, you!

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Outdoorsy Activities to Share

When sharing your hobbies and interests with someone new, consider including some outdoorsy activities. Not only are these types of adventures fun ways to bond over shared experiences, but they also reveal a lot about your personality and values.


Lace up your boots and hit the trails. Hiking is a great way to unplug from technology, de-stress, and reconnect with nature. Start with an easy nature trail at a local park before progressing to more advanced hikes. Pack snacks, water, layers, and a first aid kit. The conversations that emerge during long walks in scenic surroundings can lead to meaningful connections.


Sleeping under the stars is an experience unlike any other. Rent a camper van or pitch a tent at a campground to gaze at constellations, cook over an open fire, and listen to the sounds of the night. Camping allows you to slow down and live simply while bonding over survival skills and close quarters.


Go on a bike ride through scenic bike trails or bike-friendly roads. Riding bikes is an eco-friendly activity that provides outdoor exercise and opportunities for adventure. Stop for snacks or meals along the way and find scenic outlooks to rest and snap photos. Cycling with someone else can help motivate you to push yourself to go farther and faster.

Water sports

Head to a lake, river, or ocean to partake in water sports like kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding or recreational boating. These sorts of activities are exciting ways to beat the heat during summer and provide stories of wiping out or close encounters with wildlife. For an added thrill, consider whitewater rafting on a wild river. Water sports demonstrate your sense of fun and hint at an adventurous spirit.

Exploring the great outdoors together is a wonderful way to learn about someone else’s interests while also challenging yourself to step outside your comfort zone. The shared memories from adventures in nature will bring you closer together.

Artistic Pursuits to Highlight

Expressing your creative side through hobbies and pursuits outside of work is an attractive quality. Discussing the artistic and cultural interests you explore for enjoyment in your free time makes for an engaging answer to “What do you like to do for fun?”.


Do you enjoy capturing stunning images of nature, portraits of friends, or snapshots of daily moments? Discuss how photography allows you to see the world through an artistic lens. Explain the types of subjects you like to photograph and what you find inspiring about this art form. Mention if you’ve sold or displayed your photos.

Painting and Drawing

If you have a knack for visual arts, discuss your passion for creative works like painting, sketching or doodling. Describe when you first discovered your talent, your preferred mediums (acrylics, watercolors, charcoal, etc.), subjects you like to depict (landscapes, still lifes, portraits, etc.), and where you find inspiration. Note any public displays or sales of your pieces.

Crafting and DIY Projects

Get crafty by highlighting hobbies like woodworking, jewelry making, candle or bath product creation, knitting, or home decor. Discuss how you first picked up the skill, what you enjoy creating, where you sell or gift your handmade goods, and how it allows you to tap into your creative side.

Learning an Instrument

Music is a universal language, so share your passion for playing an instrument like the piano, guitar, violin or drums. Explain how long you’ve been practicing your craft, your favorite songs to play, bands or musicians you admire, and if you compose your own music. Discuss opportunities where you’ve performed for others.

Discussing your artistic pursuits and hobbies showcases your multidimensional interests and personality. Pick one or combine a few to highlight in your answer for an engaging way to express what you truly enjoy doing for fun.

How to Make Your Usual Hobbies Sound More Interesting

Everyone has hobbies they enjoy, but sometimes we get stuck in a rut describing them in boring, generic ways. When a date asks you “What do you like to do for fun?”, make your usual hobbies sound more interesting with these tips:

Focus on the experiences, not just the activity.

Rather than just saying you enjoy reading, describe what you gain from it: “I love to read because I enjoy being transported to different times and places, learning about new subjects, and gaining new perspectives.” This gives a better sense of who you are and what motivates you.

Share details that show your passion.

If you’re into photography, describe what you love about it: “I’m an avid photographer. There’s nothing like searching for the perfect shot, noticing how shadows and light interact, and capturing a breathtaking sunset or an intimate moment.” Your enthusiasm and knowledge will shine through.

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Highlight what makes your hobby unique to you.

For example, if you enjoy cooking, specify the type of cuisine or techniques you like to experiment with. “I like to unwind by cooking meals with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients and fusing flavors from around the world. My specialty is crafting Mexican-Italian fusion recipes.” This sets you apart from someone who simply throws a frozen pizza in the oven.

Discuss how your hobby enhances your life.

Explain the benefits you get from your pastime, whether it’s physical, mental or emotional. If you garden, you might say, “I find gardening therapeutic. Nothing beats the satisfaction of growing your own food and surrounding yourself with natural beauty.” Use emotive language to help the other person understand why this activity brightens your day.

Discussing your hobbies in a meaningful, multidimensional way allows your unique qualities and interests to shine through. So next time someone asks what you do for fun, don’t just rattle off a generic list of activities. Share the details that reveal what really makes you, you.

When to Mention Your Guilty Pleasure Hobbies

When the conversation turns to hobbies and interests, you may feel tempted to only mention the cool, impressive ones and skip over your guilty pleasures. But sharing some of the silly or mundane things you do for fun can actually make you seem more relatable and help build connection.

Don’t hide your quirky side.

We all have hobbies that seem a bit quirky or odd to others. Whether you have an obsession with bird watching, collect stamps, or never miss an episode of your favorite reality TV show, sharing these quirkier interests shows you don’t take yourself too seriously. Your date may even find your little eccentricities endearing.

Mention a hobby you’re passionate about.

Talking about something you care deeply about, even if you think it’s nerdy, allows your enthusiasm and passion to shine through. And passion is attractive. If you light up talking about building model trains, your date will appreciate seeing that spark in you, even if they don’t share the same interest.

Keep it light and casual.

There’s no need to go into a lengthy, serious discussion of your hobbies and interests, especially on a first date. Keep things light, casual and conversational. For example, if gardening is your Zen hobby, say something like “When I want to unwind on the weekends, I like to spend some time gardening and digging in the dirt. There’s just something therapeutic about it.” That gives a quick glimpse into an enjoyable activity without droning on.

It’s OK if interests differ.

Don’t feel like you have to have a lot of shared hobbies or interests to connect with someone. Having your own independent interests and passions is healthy. As long as you respect each other’s differences and are willing to compromise, varying interests won’t necessarily cause problems. In fact, introducing each other to new interests and activities can be an enjoyable part of dating and building a relationship.

Sharing New Hobbies You Want to Try

When your date asks about your hobbies and interests, suggest some new activities you’ve been wanting to try. Not only will it make for an interesting conversation, but it could inspire an fun new shared interest or experience together.

Learn a new language

Have you always wanted to pick up Spanish or brush up on your French? Let your date know you’re interested in learning a new language, maybe through an app, online course, or local class. If they speak another language fluently, ask if they’d be willing to tutor you. What a great way to spend more time together!

Take a recreational class

There are so many engaging classes these days on everything from mixology to photography to pottery making. Tell your date about a new hobby you’ve been eager to dive into through a recreational class. It shows you have a thirst for new experiences and expanding your skills. And if they’re also interested, you could sign up to take a class together.

Get into a regular fitness routine

Express your desire to start a new fitness routine like jogging, yoga, rock climbing or cycling. Let them know you’re motivated to get into better shape and adopt a consistent workout schedule. Ask if they have any fitness interests or would like to join you. Exercising together is a great way to bond over pushing yourselves to reach new goals.

Learn to cook a new cuisine

If you have an interest in food and different cuisines, share that you’d like to learn how to cook a new type of ethnic food like Thai, Indian or Moroccan. Tell them you want to pick up recipes and techniques to make homemade meals. Ask if they have a favorite food or style of cooking they enjoy and would be willing to teach you. Cooking a meal together at home can lead to an unforgettable date experience.

Sharing a few hobbies or activities you hope to dive into shows you have diverse interests and a desire to grow as a person. And who knows, it could inspire a fun new shared interest or regular date routine between the two of you.

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Answering in a Flirty, Playful Way

When asked “What do you like to do for fun?”, give a flirty yet playful answer that shows your personality and sense of humor. Say something like:

  • “I’m a bit of an adventure seeker. I love trying new restaurants, visiting museums, hiking, and spontaneous road trips.” This response is intriguing and hints at an exciting lifestyle.
  • “Netflix and chill? Just kidding, I actually enjoy being active and social. I like going out for drinks with friends, hosting game nights, and checking out the latest movies.” This playful answer shows you have an active social life but also value downtime.
  • “Is it cheesy if I say spending time with you?” Followed by a laugh or smile. This flirty quip shows your interest in getting to know the other person better in a charming, tongue-in-cheek way.

You can also give a list of hobbies and interests, with a bit of humor and self-deprecation:

“Let’s see, in my spare time I enjoy: cooking (or attempting to cook), playing the guitar (very badly), reading (everything from sci-fi to memoirs), doing jigsaw and crossword puzzles (yes, I’m a bit of a nerd), and spoiling my cat (she deserves it!). How about you?”

This type of answer highlights a good mix of solo hobbies as well as opportunities for social interaction and quality time together. Mentioning an interest in puzzles, reading or music shows you have an intellectual side. And of course, mentioning a pet is always a good way to come across as playful and caring.

In the end, a fun, genuine answer that gives a sense of who you are – quirks and all – is the most appealing. Don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself and show your playful side. That kind of confidence and humor is attractive. Have fun with your response!

What Your Hobbies Say About You: Do’s and Don’ts

Your hobbies and interests say a lot about you, so choose what you share on a first date carefully. Some hobbies make you seem more attractive and interesting, while others may turn someone off or give the wrong impression.

Do: Share hobbies that show you’re passionate or skilled.

Talk about hobbies that ignite your curiosity or creativity, like photography, cooking, gardening or learning to play an instrument. Mention hobbies that demonstrate a skill or talent, such as a sport you excel at, woodworking, or dance. These kinds of hobbies make you appear fascinating and confident.

Do: Discuss hobbies that get you out and about.

Bring up hobbies that suggest you lead an active social life, such as hiking, cycling or attending live music events. Discussing hobbies where you interact with others in person portrays you as outgoing and personable.

Don’t: Mention excessive gaming or TV watching.

While enjoying some gaming or television in moderation is fine, don’t make these your only hobbies. Too much of either will make you seem like you lack motivation or social skills. If asked directly, say you enjoy some gaming or streaming shows, but also discuss a few of your more active hobbies.

Don’t: Share hobbies that are too niche or eccentric.

Unless you’ve bonded over a shared interest, avoid bringing up hobbies that are very obscure or unusual, at least at first. Discussing niche hobbies like LARPing, anime cosplay or collecting antique medical devices may frighten off someone who doesn’t share those particular interests. Once you’ve connected over more mainstream hobbies, you can gradually introduce your quirkier interests.

In the end, choose hobbies that give a balanced and authentic view of who you are – your skills, interests, values and personality. Mention pursuits that make you seem desirable while also being true to yourself. And of course, don’t be afraid to ask your date about their hobbies as well! Comparing interests is a great way to find common ground and see if you click.


So there you have it, some of the most surprising and revealing answers to that age-old question of what someone does for fun. Turns out, people’s hobbies and recreational activities can reveal a lot more about them than you might expect. The next time that question comes up on a first date or in a new friendship, listen closely to the response. It could provide an interesting glimpse into what really makes that person tick. And who knows, you might just discover a new shared interest or passion that creates an instant connection. Because while what you do for fun shapes who you are, sharing those experiences with others is how we find our tribe.

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