What body type does a virgo man like?

So you’ve got your eye on a Virgo man and want to know how to catch his attention. Smart thinking. Virgo men can be particular, but luckily for you they tend to have a type. If you’re wondering what body type a Virgo man usually goes for, we’ve got the scoop. Virgo men like natural beauty and embrace realness. They’re not overly swayed by societal standards of attractiveness. What matters most to a Virgo man is that you take good care of yourself by eating right and exercising. They tend to prefer athletic or average body types on women. Curvy women also appeal to Virgo men, as long as you exude confidence in your own skin. The bottom line is that Virgo men want a woman who is comfortable with herself. So play up your best features, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and your Virgo crush is sure to notice you in no time.

Understanding the Virgo Man

To win the heart of a Virgo man, you need to understand what he values most. Virgo men appreciate pragmatism and intelligence. Showcase your wit and wisdom in conversations, and discuss topics that interest you both intellectually.

He is a perfectionist and notices details, so take care with your appearance. While he isn’t impressed by flashy attire or overdone makeup, neatness and cleanliness are musts. Play up your best features and dress in well-fitting, high-quality clothing.

Don’t be overly emotional or clingy. Virgo men prefer partners who are independent and stable. Give him space when he needs it and avoid being possessive or jealous.

Be efficient and organized. Virgo men like order and routine. Keep a tidy living space and be punctual. Show you can manage tasks and responsibilities in an orderly manner.

Engage in active and productive activities together. Virgo men enjoy exercising, engaging in hobbies, and accomplishing tasks. Go for walks together, work on DIY projects, cook healthy meals at home, or pursue individual interests alongside each other.

Virgo men seek genuine partners who stimulate them intellectually and share their practical values. By demonstrating these qualities, you’ll show him you’re a perfect match. With time and patience, this discerning and faithful sign may just find his soulmate in you.

The Virgo Man’s Ideal Woman

As an earth sign, the Virgo man appreciates a woman who is grounded and nurturing. His ideal match has a natural, feminine sensuality and a curvy, voluptuous figure. ###

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The Virgo man is attracted to real, authentic women. He prefers natural beauty over heavy makeup and trendy styles. A woman comfortable in her own skin, flaws and all, is irresistible to him. Synonyms for curvy like full-figured, buxom or shapely are appealing to the Virgo man.

He is a generous lover and appreciates a woman with curves he can caress. While physical attraction is important, a sharp intellect and practical nature are equally appealing. The Virgo man seeks a partner with good common sense who can engage in thoughtful conversations.

  1. A warm, compassionate woman able to express emotions in a calm, composed manner fits well with the Virgo man’s tendency towards worry and anxiety.
  2. She should be attentive without being overbearing, giving him space when he needs time alone. The Virgo man requires patience, as he can be particular in his ways.
  3. A woman able to gently encourage him out of his habitual routines and see life from a more optimistic perspective is a good balance for the Virgo man’s perfectionism and self-criticism.

With the right partner by his side, one able to appreciate his finer qualities while providing warmth and affection, the Virgo man’s capacity for devotion and cherishing his loved ones will be fulfilled. The ideal woman for this loyal earth sign is one with whom he can share life’s simple pleasures through quiet intimacy and deep connection.

What Physical Traits Does a Virgo Man Find Attractive?

When it comes to attraction, Virgo men tend to prefer certain physical attributes. If you’re interested in catching the eye of a Virgo, focus on cultivating these traits:

A Natural, Wholesome Appearance

Virgo men are drawn to a natural, wholesome beauty without too much makeup or artificial enhancements. They like healthy, glowing skin, shiny hair, and a fit body. Think girl next door rather than glamor girl. Simple, natural hairstyles and minimal but flattering makeup are most appealing to a Virgo’s esthetic. Staying in shape by exercising regularly and eating a balanced diet will also make you more attractive to this health-conscious sign.

Pretty Eyes

Virgo men have an eye for detail, so a pair of bright, clear eyes can be quite captivating. Make eye contact, bat your eyelashes, and smile at him from across the room to get his attention. Once you start talking, maintain eye contact to show you are fully engaged and interested in the conversation. The eyes are the windows to the soul, so let your inner warmth and intelligence shine through.

Good Posture and Manners

Virgo men appreciate good manners, etiquette, and posture. Slouching, rude behavior, and poor eating habits are turn-offs for this polite sign. Practice good posture, use “please” and “thank you,” dress tastefully, and show interest in intellectual conversations. Your poise and grace will make a memorable impression.

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While physical attractiveness is important, a Virgo man ultimately values inner qualities like kindness, humor, wit, and loyalty. So make sure to also cultivate your emotional and intellectual talents—that’s the surest way to capture a Virgo’s heart. Focus on being your authentic self rather than changing your appearance or behavior just to please someone else. The right Virgo will love you for who you are.

More Than Just Looks: The Virgo Man’s Compatibility Preferences

While a Virgo man can appreciate a well-maintained physical appearance, he’s more concerned with a woman’s mind and spirit. He seeks a genuine connection and shared interests over superficial attraction. Rather than a specific body type, a Virgo man values compatibility, kindness, and intelligence in a partner.

Shared Values and Interests

A Virgo man is drawn to a woman with whom he shares common ground and connections. He wants a partner who shares his intellectual curiosity, values lifelong learning, and has similar life goals and ethics. A woman who can engage in long, thoughtful conversations about social issues, arts and culture, science, health and wellness, or other topics that interest him will win his heart over someone focused mainly on appearance or status.

Kindness and Compassion

A Virgo man places a high value on kindness, empathy and compassion. He prefers a woman with a nurturing spirit, who treats others with patience, respect and understanding. Someone critical, judgmental or prone to drama and chaos will turn him off. A woman who volunteers her time for a good cause or is in a caring profession like nursing, teaching or social work demonstrates the qualities a Virgo man seeks in a mate.

Intelligence and Competence

While a Virgo man appreciates beauty, he is most attracted to a quick wit and sharp mind. A smart, articulate woman who can match his intellect and pace of thinking is ideal. Competence, skill and practical abilities also matter to him. A woman who is passionate about her work or talents and pursues excellence in what she does will gain his admiration and respect.

In the end, a Virgo man seeks a well-rounded partner who nourishes him mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Appearance alone will not sustain his interest or win his devotion. For long-term compatibility, shared values, an open heart, and a keen mind are what truly attract this discerning earth sign.

Advice for Attracting a Virgo Man Based on Your Body Type

As a Virgo man tends to be attracted to those who take good care of themselves, your body type and presentation can be appealing to him. Here are some tips based on your shape.


If you have an hourglass figure with curves in all the right places, play it up! Accentuate your waist by wearing belts, wraps and fitted clothing. Your feminine shape will attract an earthy Virgo. Show that you value health and fitness.

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As a Virgo man appreciates natural beauty and vitality, your toned body type will appeal to him. Wear clothing that subtly highlights your figure like yoga pants, tank tops and fitted t-shirts. Stay active and mention your interest in health pursuits. However, avoid coming across as too brash or intense. Cultivate your feminine and sensual side as well.


For a petite or slender frame, choose clothing that creates the illusion of curves. Fitted tops, belts, skirts and dresses that flare at the waist and necklines that accentuate the bust area will make you appear more hourglass-shaped. Platform shoes and heels also add height and make you seem curvier. Play up other aspects of your beauty like your eyes, smile and hair.


If you have a fuller figure, focus on dressing in a way that makes you feel confident and comfortable. Choose clothing that accentuates your best features like your bust or legs. As a Virgo man is most attracted to a woman who radiates self-assurance, work on cultivating a healthy self-image and lifestyle. Your sparkling personality and kind heart will shine through, appealing to his discriminating tastes.

In the end, while body type may play some role in initial attraction, a Virgo man values qualities like kindness, intelligence, humor and practicality. So be your authentic self – that is truly the most appealing to this discerning earth sign.


So there you have it, the facts on what body type a Virgo man typically prefers. At the end of the day, every person is unique regardless of their zodiac sign. But if you want to catch the eye of that logical and practical Virgo in your life, maintaining a natural and well-proportioned figure, dressing stylishly yet conservatively, and engaging him intellectually are your best bets. Virgo men appreciate natural beauty, intelligence, practicality, and good health. Play up your best assets, focus on self-improvement, and don’t be afraid to show off your vibrant mind. With the right mix of physical and intellectual chemistry, you’ll have that Virgo man hooked in no time. Now go catch your perfect Virgo match!

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