23 Signs Your Ex Just Wants to Be Friends

23 Signs Your Ex Just Wants to Be Friends

It’s been a few months since your break-up and things have been going good. You’re finally starting to move on and you’re feeling better than ever. Then, out of the blue, your ex contacts you asking how you’ve been. At first, you think it’s a sign that they want to get back together, but then you start to wonder if they’re just trying to be friends.

So, which is it? Here are a few signs that your ex just wants to be friends.

How do I know if your ex just wants to be friends?

23 signs to know if your ex just wants to be friends:

1. Your ex is still interested in your life and asks you personal questions

2. Your ex goes out of their way to help you or make you feel comfortable

3. You ex doesn’t talk about their new partner or love interest around you

4. Your ex expresses happiness when they see you happy and content

5. Your ex frequently reaches out to you for advice or support

6. You have a strong platonic friendship and can rely on each other for anything

7. Your ex has told you directly that they only want to be friends now and don’t want anything more romantically from you

8. Your ex actively avoids talking about or doing anything that might make you feel uncomfortable

9. Your ex regularly checks in on you and wants to know how you’re doing

10. You can talk to your ex about anything and they’re always happy to listen (and vice versa)

11. You can spend time together without any awkwardness or tension

12. You both know and accept each other’s romantic partners (if applicable)

13. You have shared interests and enjoy spending time together doing things you both love

14. There is mutual respect between you and your ex

15. You have forgiven each other for any past mistakes or hurts

16. You are both able to move on from the past and focus on the present

17. You have spoken about your future and what you both want separately and together

18. You trust each other implicitly

19. Your friendship is the most important thing to both of you

20. You can’t imagine your life without your ex in it

21. You would do anything for each other

22. You know you can always count on each other, no matter what

23. Your ex is one of your best friends and you wouldn’t want it any other way

What to do when your ex wants to be friends but you want more?

It can be difficult when your ex wants to be friends but you want more. You may feel like you are being forced into a friendship that you don’t want. If this is the case, it is important to communicate with your ex and let them know how you feel. It is also important to consider what you want out of the relationship. If you only want friendship, then you should be willing to accept that. However, if you are hoping for something more, you may need to be patient and wait for your ex to come around. There is no right or wrong answer in this situation, but it is important to communicate with your ex and figure out what each of you wants out of the relationship.

What does it mean when an ex wants to stay friends?

It can mean a few different things. Sometimes people want to stay friends because they still have feelings for the other person. Other times, it may be because they want to keep their options open in case things don’t work out with someone else. And sometimes, people just genuinely enjoy the company of their ex and want to remain friends. If your ex wants to stay friends, it’s important to figure out what their intentions are before you decide whether or not to stay in touch with them.

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If your ex is asking for friendship, there are a few things you need to consider.

First, think about why your ex might want to be friends. Oftentimes, people just want to remain in touch with the person they used to love because it’s comforting or familiar.

However, if your ex is trying to stay friendly in order to keep tabs on you or get information about you, that’s not a good sign. Proceed with caution and take care to protect yourself emotionally if this is the case.

Ultimately, whether or not you become friends with an ex depends on what will make you happiest and most comfortable. If being friends feels like too much of a challenge, it’s okay to decline the offer – but always remember that there’s no harm in remaining cordial and respectful.

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