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23 Signs He Wants You To Chase Him

Signs He Wants You To Chase Him

Most guys love the thrill of the chase, and if he’s doing everything in his power to make you work for his attention, it means he’s definitely interested. Here are 23 signs he wants you to chase him!

What makes a man chase a woman?

This is a question that has been asked since the beginning of time, and there is no one clear answer.

Different men chase different women for different reasons. Some men chase women because they are physically attracted to them, while others may chase women because they are attracted to their personality or their ambition.

There are many different factors that can influence why a man chases a woman, but ultimately it comes down to each individual man’s preferences and what he is looking for in a relationship.

23 Signs he wants you to chase him

1. He texts you often but never makes plans to see you in person.

2. He always seems to be “too busy” to meet up with you or make concrete plans.

3. He constantly talks about himself and his own interests, without asking much about you.

4. He flirts with you shamelessly, even when he knows you’re not interested.

5. He’s always the one to initiate contact, whether it’s texting, calling, or social media messaging.

6. He doesn’t respond to your texts or calls as quickly as you’d like, making you feel unimportant.

7. He regularly cancels plans with you at the last minute or stands you up altogether.

8. He always has an excuse for why he can’t see you or why he hasn’t been in touch.

9. He’s always ready and willing to hook up, but never wants to take things further.

10. He talks about other women in front of you, even if he knows you’re not interested in hearing it.

11. He’s openly critical of you and your interests, making you feel self-conscious.

12. He’s constantly testing your boundaries and pushing your buttons just to see how you’ll react.

13. He withdraws from you emotionally, leaving you feeling confused and alone.

14. He’s evasive when you try to talk about your relationship or future plans together.

15. He’s always ready to point out your flaws and shortcomings, but is never willing to work on them himself.

16. He’s quick to anger and regularly snaps at you over small things.

17. He withdraws physical affection from you, leaving you feeling rejected and unloved.

18. He’s more interested in his phone or other people than he is in you when you’re together.

19. He regularly threatens to break up with you or leaves you feeling like the relationship is hanging by a thread.

20. He’s always trying to change or control you, rather than accepting you for who you are.

21. He’s secretive and always seems to be hiding something from you.

22. He doesn’t include you in his plans or future goals, making you feel like an afterthought.

23. He makes you feel like you’re not good enough or that he’s constantly disappointed in you.


So, how do you know if a man wants you to chase him? If he does any of the following 23 things, it’s a pretty good sign that he’d love for you to make the first move.

And who knows? Pursuing him may just lead to the relationship you’ve been dreaming of. Have you tried any of these techniques to get a guy to chase you?

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