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27 Signs He Thinks You’re Beautiful In The World

Signs He Thinks You're Beautiful

Have you ever wondered if the guy you’re interested in thinks you’re beautiful? If so, here are 27 signs he probably does!

Guys can be hard to read, but these signs will definitely help clear things up.

So, if you’re curious about whether or not your crush is into you, keep reading for all the clues you need.

How do you know if someone thinks you cute?

Well, there are a few ways to tell. For one, they might compliment your physical appearance more often than usual.

They might also laugh at your jokes more easily, or try to find ways to spend more time with you.

If someone seems particularly interested in what you have to say or do, that could be another sign that they think you’re cute.

Of course, it’s always possible that someone is just being friendly, so it’s important to pay attention to other cues as well.

If someone is constantly touching you or making suggestive comments, they might not just think you’re cute – they might be trying to flirt with you! In general, if someone is acting differently around you than they are around other people, that could be a sign that they have feelings for you.

27 Signs he thinks you’re beautiful

1. He pays attention to the little details

2. He always looks you in the eye

3. He listens when you speak

4. He makes an effort to connect with you on a deep level

5. He compliments you often

6. He expresses his admiration for you in both words and actions

7. He goes out of his way to make you feel special

8. He treats you with respect

9. he puts your needs and wants above his own

10. he makes time for you even when he’s busy

11. he always finds a way to make you laugh

12. he is comfortable being himself around you

13. he doesn’t try to change who you are

14, he accepts you for who you are

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15. he shares his own vulnerabilities with you

16. he makes an effort to build a strong emotional connection with you

17. he is always there for you when you need him

18. he loves spending time with you

19. he makes sure you feel comfortable and safe in his presence

20. he protects and defends your honor

21. he goes out of his way to help you achieve your goals

22. he stands up for you even when you’re not around

23. He believes in you even when you don’t believe in yourself

24. He sees the best in you even when no one else does

25. He never gives up on you no matter how tough things get

26. He is proud of you and the person you’ve become

27. He loves you unconditionally for who you are


If you’re not sure if a guy thinks you’re beautiful, there are plenty of signs that he does. Pay attention to the way he looks at you, interacts with you and makes decisions around you.

If it seems like he’s trying to impress you or get your approval, then it’s likely that he finds you attractive.

Guys aren’t always so forthcoming with their feelings, but if they think you’re beautiful, they’ll definitely let it show.

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