9 Signs A Libra Woman Is Not Interested In You

Signs A Libra Woman Is Not Interested

Have you ever been interested in a Libra woman, only to have her give you the cold shoulder? 

If so, you’re not alone. Libras can be notoriously hard to read, and sometimes it’s difficult to tell if they’re just not interested, or if they’re simply shy. 

In this blog post, we’ll go over some of the most common signs that a Libra woman is not interested in you. So if you’ve been struggling to read her signals, this post is for you! Stay tuned.

What do Libra women like?

1) A man with a sense of humor

She loves having fun and being amused by everything around her. You don’t have to be a clown or something like that but just show her what a wonderful sense of humor you have and appreciate the things she does. 

Libra women love being amused so you will have to let her know that you can make her laugh whenever she wants.

2) A man who knows how to talk

You don’t necessarily have to be an eloquent orator but at least you should be able to communicate properly with others. It is especially important because these kinds of people normally require some sort of verbal agreement before doing anything. 

If they see that what they want is different from your expectations, it could get pretty frustrating for both sides involved in this process. You just need to keep up with them verbally which shouldn’t be too difficult after all if you really care about pleasing them.

3) A man who is attentive to details

She will respect you a lot if you can show her what a wonderful observer of things from everyday life you are. Libra women love seeing the little things in this world because she knows that they have a great value for everyone. 

She also shows all of these details in her own way just like a painter fills up his paintings with colorful dots without being able to see them individually. However, when they get together, the result looks gorgeous and just as it should be. 

In other words, she doesn’t appreciate guys who don’t pay attention to small stuff but instead shows her all kinds of indifference or even scorn when it comes down to minor issues in life.

What Libra women hate?

It’s the only sign that symbolizes the scales, so her main characteristics are balance and equilibrium. A natural born diplomat, Libra is charming and pleasant with everyone, allying herself with people who can help her succeed.

#1 She hates bad manners

The Libra woman is highly cultured and loves refined environments. That’s why she specially avoids men who don’t respect codes of etiquette or hygiene standards. For example, try not to burp after drinking some wine or beer during a date! 

Not cool at all. Also avoid getting drunk because libra will think you’re a total loser. Besides, her scrupulous respect of the rules is extended to herself as well: she wants men to think highly of her, so it’s better not to break those unwritten laws.

#2 She hates being ignored

If you want this woman to be interested in you it’s a good idea that you don’t forget about her. Libra has generous doses of self-esteem and needs appreciation just like everyone else! 

If you let some time go by without calling or talking to her, she will reconsider your role in her life and probably erase your number from her phone book. Who likes being lonely? So if you really like Libra, give the right amount of attention so she feels secure with you.

#3 She hates criticism

Libra is always on the look-out for comments and advice from those around her, but if it’s about criticizing her or her actions she’ll go crazy! Criticism of any kind triggers some serious anger in some people. 

Libra women will never be able to accept men who provoke conflict and disharmony with their words: avoid doing so at all costs. 

Be careful not to criticize things that are important to Libra such as culture, art, music, food… If you do so, keep in mind that even if she doesn’t show it right away you’ll never be able to count on her again.

9 Signs a Libra woman is not interested

Libras are known to be one of the most indefinable signs when it comes to love. As they’re so indecisive when it comes to their feelings, sometimes they can lead us on if we don’t know how to read them. 

So when you come across a Libra woman who is not interested, here are some telltale signs that might indicate she has no more love for you:

1. She doesn’t initiate conversation with you very often

Libra women are very friendly and chatty by nature, but obviously this will only hold true if she likes you back! If she hardly ever initiates contact with you or tries to get in touch with you after you have had your last conversation, it could be because she’s simply not interested.

2. She doesn’t act affectionate with you around other people

Libra women are very affectionate in nature and love to show their loved ones how much they care about them when they are out with friends or family. If she seems uninterested in showing you off or if she hardly touches you when you’re all together, then that might just mean there is something wrong between the two of you.

3. She never compliments your looks

Libras love beautiful things and Libra women always look out for men who dress well or have a nice hairstyle because they want someone that matches up to their level of perfection! So a lack of compliments on your looks could indicate that she’s not interested.

4. She doesn’t always try to make time for you

Libras are rational people who love their freedom, so if a woman only makes the effort to see you when she’s free, it might be an indication she is not really into you. Libra women need men who will put in as much effort as they do and if she has no interest, don’t wait around for her!

5. The conversation dies gradually between the two of you

Libra women live chatty lives and hate abrupt endings! So if it feels like there are fewer discussions between the two of you or that they are becoming shorter each time, it might be a sign she’s not interested.

6. She doesn’t try to get in touch with you often anymore

Libra women hate monotony and love it when new things happen around them! 

If she isn’t very passionate about your relationship, her affections will also become more and more scarce. So if you don’t hear from her for days or find out that the conversations between the two of you are starting to drop off, then it could indicate there is no longer any interest on her part.

7. She starts asking insignificant questions about your love life

Libras like everything to be just right and Libra women especially want their relationships to progress at the correct pace! 

But if she starts asking you questions about your ex or when you’re planning to find a new partner, then it could be that she is not interested in making the relationship between the two of you what it should be.

8. She doesn’t offer much information when asked about herself

When we like someone, we want to know everything about them and Libra women really love getting involved in conversations! 

So if she starts avoiding questions or giving short answers when asked about herself, it could mean her interest has dropped off considerably.

9. She prefers to spend time with other people rather than you

These are Signs A Libra Woman Is Not Interested in you anymore.

Libra women are very friendly and social by nature and they especially need men who can keep up with their busy lives! If she always seems to want to be with someone else and doesn’t really bother seeing you anymore, then it could mean she is just not that into you.


The conclusion of this blog post is that Libra women are complex, but know what they want. If you’re dating a Libra woman, be sure to take the time to get to know her and work hard for it!

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