20 Lips Pick Up Lines

Welcome to my blog post on lips pick up lines! If you’re looking for a new and creative way to approach someone you’re interested in, then look no further than using a lips pick up line! Whether you’re at a bar, club, party, or just out and about, these lines are sure to break the ice and get the conversation started. So, without further ado, here are some of my favorite lips pick up lines:

How Do You Comment on Lips?

There are a lot of ways to comment on someone’s lips, and it really depends on the situation and the person you’re talking to. If you’re trying to be flirty, you might say something like, “Your lips are so kissable.” If you’re just making an observation, you might say, “You have really beautiful lips.” Whatever you say, make sure you sound sincere and friendly, and avoid being overly sexual or creepy.

What Does It Mean if a Guy Likes Your Lips?

If a guy likes your lips, it means that he is attracted to you and finds you physically appealing. It could be that he likes the shape of your lips, the color of your lips, or the way you wear your lipstick. Whatever the reason, it is a sign that he is interested in you and is attracted to you.

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How Do You Know if You’re a Good Kisser?

Are you a good kisser? Do you know how to make your partner feel special when you kiss them? If you’re not sure, then there are a few things you can do to find out. First, pay attention to your partner’s body language.

If they seem to be enjoying the kiss, then you’re on the right track. If they pull away or seem uncomfortable, then you might want to try something different. Second, ask your partner what they like. Communication is key in any relationship, and that includes kissing. If you’re not sure what your partner likes, then ask them. They’ll be more than happy to tell you. Third, pay attention to your own body language.

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20 Pickup Lines About Lips

There’s nothing like a good pick up line to start a conversation. Whether you’re at a bar or a party, these 20 lips pick up lines are sure to get the conversation going.

1. “Your lips look so lonely… Would they like to meet mine?”

2. “I’ve been staring at your lips all night, can I kiss you?”

3. “Your lips are like candy, can I taste them?”

4. “I can’t help but want to kiss you.”

5. “Your lips are so sexy, I can’t resist.”

6. “You have the most beautiful lips I’ve ever seen.”

7. “I want to kiss you so badly.”

8. “I bet your lips taste as good as they look.”

9. “Your lips are calling out to me, can I answer?”

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10. “I’ve been wanting to kiss you all night.”

11. “Your lips are so inviting.”

12. “I can’t help but be drawn to your lips.”

13. “I want to kiss you so badly I can’t stand it.”

14. “Your lips are so tempting.”

15. “I can’t resist your lips any longer.”

16. “I’ve been dying to kiss you all night.”

17. “Your lips are too irresistible.”

18. “I have to have your lips.”

19. “Your lips are all I can think about.”

20. “I can’t wait to kiss you.”


While some of these lines may work, it’s important to remember that pick up lines are often seen as cheesy and insincere. It’s important to be genuine and confident when approaching someone you’re interested in, and to avoid using pick up lines that you’ve heard from others. If you’re looking for some creative and original pick up lines, try coming up with your own instead of using ones that you’ve heard before.

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