How to make your boyfriend chase you?

Ever feel like your boyfriend isn’t putting in as much effort as he used to? Like you’re always the one initiating dates or conversations and he’s become complacent? Girl, it’s time to turn the tables and make him chase you again. You deserve a man who makes you feel wanted and pursued. The good news is, with a few simple tricks, you can spark his interest and have him chasing you in no time. It may feel counterintuitive, but the key is to be a little less available and give him the gift of missing you. When you create that space, his desire will grow and the chase will be back on. Read on to learn how to stoke the fires of his interest and make your boyfriend chase you again.

Be Unpredictable and Mysterious

Being unpredictable and mysterious is key to keeping his interest piqued.

Play hard to get

Don’t always be available when he calls or texts. Take a little longer to respond and don’t feel obligated to share every detail about where you are and what you’re doing. Leaving some things unsaid makes you intriguing.

Surprise him

Do small things he doesn’t expect like baking his favorite treats, suggesting a fun date night activity he’s never done before, or greeting him at the door wearing nothing but a smile when he comes over. Mixing up your routine keeps things exciting and makes you a challenge to figure out.

Cultivate your own interests

Have hobbies, activities, and friends that fulfill you outside of your relationship. Staying busy and independent shows him you have a life of your own and don’t rely on him for your happiness. Let him see you setting and achieving personal goals so he knows you’re ambitious and motivated.

Flirt with other men

A little healthy jealousy never hurt anyone. Flirting casually with other guys, especially when your boyfriend is around, triggers his competitive spirit and desire to win you over. Just keep things light and avoid crossing any lines. Make eye contact, smile, laugh, and engage in playful banter.

His curiosity about what makes you tick will have him addicted to the thrill of the chase. Stay confident in yourself and keep some mystery there —he won’t be able to resist!

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Show Him You Have a Full Life Outside of the Relationship

If you really want to keep your boyfriend interested, show him you have a fulfilling life of your own.

Go out with your girlfriends. Make plans to meet up with your friends for drinks, see a movie, or just get dinner. Let your boyfriend know you have a life outside of him and your relationship. He’ll see you’re independent and he’ll want to chase you to be a part of your exciting life.

Pursue your own hobbies and interests. Do things you genuinely love, like a sport, art project, book club, or volunteering. Having your own interests shows you’re passionate and gives you more to talk about. Your boyfriend will want to hear all about them and may even want to join in.

Stay busy with work or school. Focus on your career or education and be dedicated. Ambition and a strong work ethic are attractive qualities. When you’re busy bettering yourself, your boyfriend will work harder to make plans with you and be a part of your life.

Travel on your own or with friends. Take a trip by yourself or with your close ones. Exploring new places and gaining life experiences, with or without your boyfriend, gives you a sense of adventure and independence. He’ll feel motivated to keep up with you and deepen your connection.

The more you focus on yourself, the more desirable and mysterious you become to your boyfriend. Keep living your best life and he won’t be able to resist chasing you!

Don’t Be Too Available or Eager

Don’t be too eager or always available to your boyfriend. While you want to spend time with him, give each other space to maintain your own interests and independence.

Don’t Drop Everything for Him

When he calls or texts, don’t feel like you have to respond right away every time. Wait at least a few minutes before replying to make it seem like you have other things going on in your life besides just him. Say you’re in the middle of something and will get back to him shortly. This also gives you time to craft a well thought out response instead of just reacting on impulse.

Have Your Own Interests

Keep up with hobbies, activities and friendships that you enjoyed before the relationship. Make time for the gym, a book club, volunteering or whatever you like to do. Post about these things on social media too so he sees you have a fulfilling life outside of what you two share together. Let him know if you have plans with others so he understands your time is valuable.

Don’t Always Be Available

Don’t cancel your own plans just to see him if he calls you up last minute. Politely tell him you already have other commitments. Make some nights just for yourself to unwind however you choose. Your boyfriend will appreciate you even more when you do spend time together if he knows you’re not always waiting around for him.

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Maintaining your independence and a sense of mystery will make your boyfriend see you as a challenge again. When you’re not too available or eager, it sparks his interest and gives him a reason to chase you. Give him opportunities to miss you and he’ll work harder to make plans in advance to see you. Finding the right balance of togetherness and separateness is key to keeping the excitement alive.

Make Him Work for Your Attention

To make your boyfriend chase you, you need to make him work for your attention.

Play hard to get

Don’t always be available when he calls or texts. While you don’t want to ignore him completely, taking a little longer to respond and not dropping everything to spend time with him will make him appreciate you more. He’ll have to put in extra effort to see you, and that will make him chase you.

Have your own interests

Pursue your own hobbies and interests. Let him know you have a fulfilling life of your own. Go out with your friends, take a class on something you enjoy, volunteer for a good cause. He’ll see you’re independent and not waiting around for him, which will make him work harder to be part of your exciting life.

Don’t always say yes

Don’t eagerly agree to all his suggestions and requests. Politely say no once in a while, especially if you genuinely have other plans. This shows him you won’t drop everything for him at a moment’s notice. He’ll have to ask in advance and chase you to get a yes.

Make eye contact and smile, then look away

When you’re together, make flirty eye contact, give him a little smile, then look away. This coy behavior sparks his interest and leaves him wanting more of your attention. He’ll chase after your gaze and affections.

Leave him wanting more

End dates and conversations on a high note. Give him a quick kiss, say you have to go, and leave while the night is still young. This will leave him wanting more of your time and attention, and have him chasing you for the next date.

Using these techniques, you’ll have your boyfriend working hard to get closer to you. But don’t overdo it—continue to show you care about him too. The key is finding the right balance to keep the chase exciting!

Flirt With Other Guys in Front of Him

Flirting with other guys in front of your boyfriend is a surefire way to make him jealous and chase after you. When he sees you giving attention to other guys, it triggers his competitive instincts and makes him want to win you over.

Make Eye Contact and Smile

Look other guys in the eye, smile, and engage them in playful banter. Laugh at their jokes and touch them casually on the arm as you talk. Your boyfriend will notice you flirting and want to stake his claim on you.

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Dress to Impress

Wear something sexy when you go out that will turn heads. Put on your highest heels, shortest skirt, and lowest cut top. Getting attention from other guys will drive your boyfriend wild with jealousy and make him want you even more.

Get Close on the Dance Floor

When a cute guy asks you to dance, say yes! Get out on the dance floor and move in close. Whisper in his ear, run your hands over his shoulders, and grind your body against his. Your boyfriend won’t be able to stand watching another man’s hands on you. He’ll cut in and whisk you away, reminding you who you belong to.

Text Other Guys

If other guys are texting you, don’t ignore them. Respond and flirt a little. Laugh at their jokes and compliments. Let your boyfriend “catch” a few of these playful exchanges. Seeing other men desire you and pursue you will intensify his need to chase and claim you as his own.

Making your boyfriend jealous by flirting with other guys in front of him is an effective tactic, but use it carefully. While jealousy can spark his competitive drive and make him chase you, too much can seriously damage your relationship. Be sure to reassure your boyfriend that he is the only one for you after employing these flirting methods. Jealousy is best used to spice up your relationship, not create distrust.


You have the power to make your boyfriend chase you. It’s all about making yourself the prize, the one he has to work for. Play a little hard to get, stay mysterious, don’t be available 24/7, and fill your life with fun and interesting things that make you happy. When you’re out living your best life, he’ll be working that much harder to win you over and be part of it. Once he has to put in effort, he’ll start to chase. And when he does come chasing, make sure you reward that behavior. Give him your attention, affection, and time. Make him feel like the center of your world. If you follow these tips, you’ll have your boyfriend chasing you in no time. Now go unleash your inner goddess and make him work for it!

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