123+ Good Morning Short Love Messages

Good morning short love messages for your significant other to wake up to. Start the day off right with a smile! 

Couples, send these cute good morning messages to your loved one and fill their day with happiness. Each message is just a few lines long but they will surely make your partner’s day!

Good Morning Short Love Messages

1)  “Hi beautiful… Good day and good morning to you… May your day be filled with endless happiness and joy.”

2) “The first kiss of this day is for the most beautiful woman on earth. Have a great day ahead.”

3) “I love waking up every morning knowing that we’re together and we’ll always be forever. Good morning baby boo.”

  4)”My dear, as you open your eyes today, may they behold a brighter and sunnier day ahead. Have a fantastic morning, my love.”

5) “Good morning to the woman of my dreams. I can’t wait to see you and give you a kiss this evening.”

6) “Everytime i see your smile it’s like the first time, seeing an angel with God’s gift to me. Good Morning Angel.”

7)”It doesn’t matter if it’s night or day because every second that I’m not with you feels like eternity. Good morning baby”

8)”I’ve never believed in the one true love but then I met you and now all things are possible. Good morning, beautiful.”

9) “Good morning beautiful… Just making sure you know how much I care about you!”

Good Morning Short Love Messages

10) “I love the silent moments that we share, with just me saying I love you.”

11)”Everyday is special, especially now that I have an angel like you. Good morning baby.”

12)”When I close my eyes at night, I see your face and when I open my eyes in the morning, I see your smile. Good Morning my life”

13) “A day is going to end again. It is nice to have someone like U making everyday seem so great. Thank U my love and may all the angels protect U til we meet again. Good Night and Sweet Dreams”

14)”It’s another bright sunny day but nothing feels brighter than knowing that I am loved by you! Good Morning baby”

15) “Good morning! It’s another beautiful day, made especially for us… Just me and you this time around.”

16) I wake up every morning thinking of how lucky i am to have someone as special as you. Good morning my love!”

17)”Another day is here.. The sun has risen bringing along with it a brand new start! Let’s make the most of it together my sweetheart!”

18) “Let us pray that we understand each other more, live life king size and dream bigger together. Good morning baby”

  19)”I’m sending you all the love in the world wrapped into one very tight hug that will last throughout the entire day Good morning baby boo.”

20)”Everyday with you is like getting struck by the magic stick… Thanks for always making me happy baby.”

21) “I wish that I could turn back the clock, because then I could spend more time with you! Good morning”

22) “Sun is up Sun is shining bright but nothing’s brighter than my love 4 U – good morning”

23) “Good Morning my Angel! How was your night? I hope it was filled with peace, joy and pleasant dreams?”

24)  “Let us begin this new day together on a cheerful note. Good morning!”

25) “Sun will rise, The sky will be blue, My day starts when you say GOOD MORNING BABE!

Good Morning Love Messages For Him

– You are my happiness, you make me feel special every single day, I am blessed because of having you in my life; Good morning honey! 

– Sending you a lot of kisses as soon as I open my eyes each morning, wishing that our lips would meet again tonight; Have a great day handsome! 

– You are an amazing man with numerous virtues that amaze me even more each passing day; Have a lovely day baby! 

– If I could turn back time, I would do it just to be with you again; Wishing you all the best baby! 

– Our life will always be full of joy and happiness because we are together; Good morning love! 

– The warmth of your embrace is what makes me go out each day feeling pleased and blessed; Sending you lots of kisses my lovely man, have a good one! 

– You are the man for me, there’s no doubt about it; Have a brilliant day honey bunny! 

– If I was given the chance to relive my life again, I wouldn’t exchange anything for this perfect opportunity to love you more everyday; Wishing you good vibrations throughout your day.

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– There is no greater treasure in the world than having someone who loves us so much; Sending you good vibes honey! 

Good Morning Short Love Messages

– If I could do anything to make your day better, I would surely find a way to do it so that you can be happy; Good morning love! 

– There is nothing more beautiful than waking up in my man’s arms, knowing that he loves me so much; Have an awesome day sweetheart.

– Just the thought of being next to you gives me enough energy for the entire day; Have a great one lover! 

– Even if we are far apart, our hearts will always beat together just like they’ve done since the first minute that we met; Missing you already baby.

Romantic Good Morning Love Messages For Girlfriend

1) This is the only moment in time that matters–and it’s all because of you. Every morning, when I wake up next to the woman who gives me her heart every day, no matter what happens–that’s why I need you in my life.

2) You’re everything that makes mornings beautiful for me. Each day begins with loving thoughts of you…your beauty, your kindness, your intelligence. I love you! Good morning, sweetheart.

3) When the night turns into morning, it’s a beautiful reminder that I’ve fallen in love with you all over again. I remember when we first met…I was so nervous to talk to you. Now I can’t imagine waking up next to anyone but you. You are my dream come true–that’s why I need every new day to be with you.

4) You make me feel like anything is possible each time your eyes open in the morning. It takes only one look from you for me to realize that today will be amazing because of our love for each other. Good morning, baby!

5) I’m thankful for the new day, but even more thankful for my life with you. Being in love with you is truly what makes me feel alive. I love the sparkle in your eyes and your warm embrace…so don’t forget that you’re all my hearts desires–that’s why I look forward to each morning with you.

6) A whole new day is waiting for us–to live our lives together!–and it’s all because of You. When I open my eyes this morning, it’s like seeing the light of day for the first time…because now I’m lucky enough to spend each sunrise with you, my Love! 

Good Morning Short Love Messages

7) The start of a new day is what makes me appreciate you even more. I hope that every time you see the sun rise, you’ll always remember how special our love is because it’s made each new day so beautiful–that’s why I’m thankful for you.

8) Good morning! I hope today brings your dreams one step closer to reality…because my dream has always been to be with you. 

Being in this loving relationship is what makes each sunrise special to me, because now I feel blessed enough to have someone as wonderful as You by my side.

9) Baby, look at the sky…and know that without a doubt, the reason why those clouds are white instead of gray is because of our love for each other. Each day is so bright because you’re my everything…that’s why I always enjoy the sunrise with you, my Love.

10) I hope that no matter how far away from me you are right now, your heart will always be near because of our love for each other. Every morning, when it’s time to wake up, all I need is one look at your face to make me realize what a lucky man I am–that’s why every day starts with loving thoughts of You.

11) Good morning! When it comes to our relationship baby…distance doesn’t really exist. If anything, it only makes me miss you even more and want to come back home faster just so that we can start another wonderful day together.

Deep Good Morning Short Messages For Her

1. If you were a stop light, I would run over all the colors just to get to your heart.

2. Good morning, sweetie! Today is going to be an amazing day because it starts with me thinking of you!

3. “Morning” is a magical word that can express many things – hope, love, warmth – and if all those words could be combined into one, it would describe how I feel about you! Good morning my angel.

4. Sometimes it feels like a punishment being so far away from you at night but as soon as the sun rises again I remind myself of what a blessing it is having you in my life and knowing there’s someone as special as you asleep in her bed thinking of me. Good morning, my angel.

5. If you were here, I’d give you a good morning kiss and ask what plans do you have for today but since you’re not here I’ll just go back to sleep and reminisce the times we had together when I fall asleep again. Good night! Good morning!

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Good Morning Short Love Messages

6. I’m sending this message in hopes that by the time it reaches your phone, your day has started and will get even better after reading it. Have an amazing day ahead of you!

7. You are the last person I think about before falling asleep at night so please try not to forget about me while you’re dreaming of something else because if something happens to you I would never forgive myself. Good morning

8. You are the first thing that comes into my mind when I wake up because you’re always on my mind.

9. If every moment spent with you is a good moment then every day spent with you must be a great day! Good morning, sweetheart! I hope you have a great day ahead of you today!

10. Every time I see your face, it’s as if there was a pursuit going on within me to find out which part of it makes me feel the most loved and accepted by your heart. Your eyes say it all but yet they still leave me craving for more as if they were just appetizers for what’s in store or just previews.

Good Morning My Love Messages

My Love, Good morning! I am sending you this message of love and happiness to let you know that you are the first thing that comes into my mind when I wake up in the morning. You are always on my mind baby. Have a nice day!

Good morning my sweet honey bee. I hope this new day brings you lots of joy and happiness my dear.  I woke up thinking about you and I just wanted to let you know that you are on my mind. Have a great day!

My dear, good morning. I hope this new day will be the beginning of an amazing adventure for my sweetheart and me. You mean everything in the world to me, so rest assured that no matter what happens today, you will always stay in my heart. Good morning love!

Sweetheart, good morning! Your warm smile makes me forget about all the bad things that happened yesterday. 

I hope you remember how much I love you because it made my day when I saw your message this morning saying that you loved me too.  You make everything alright, and I hope you have a wonderful day!

If yesterday was the sky, today is the sun. If yesterday was the night, today is light. You have become my happiness and joy because you came into my life even when I didn’t want it to happen. Have a great new day baby!

My Love, Good morning!  I woke up thinking about you and wanted to let you know that no matter what happens today, we will always be together in my heart. Have a great morning love!  🙂

Good Morning Short Love Messages

The first thing that comes into my mind as I wake up every morning is your name and your face.  I hope you fall in love with me every day the same way I am falling for you right now. Have a beautiful day!

My dear, good morning. I hope this new day brings lots of happiness your way. Every single moment that I spend by your side is magical and amazing, so let’s do everything we can to have an awesome new day together.  Have a great one baby!

Every time when I wake up in the morning all my pains disappear because of you my love. You are always on my mind even when it is night or morning! Good morning to you, may happiness find its way into your life today!

Sweet Good Morning Messages

1) “Please wake up now! Because I feel like sending an SMS to the Sun to stop rising so that I can keep you in my sight for some more time.”

2) “I care about you. But please do not read this message until you wake up because it has the magic of making all your dreams come true.”

3) “Last night was wonderful but… I want today to be even better. Good morning!”

4) “When I open my eyes every morning, the first person on my mind is the person I love the most in this world… which is you.”

5) “If it’s not too much to ask, please devote some extra time to me today because I can’t wait to be with you. Good morning!”

6) “I know that no matter what happens, our bond will last forever. That is why I feel like waking up every day and thanking God for bringing an amazing person like you into my life.”

Good Morning Short Love Messages

7) “Good morning! Get ready for a brand new day… But before that, get ready for my hug because I miss you!”

8) “You are lucky! Why? Because each morning starts by wishing you good morning from someone who loves you deeply.”

9) “Every morning is a reminder of how wonderful life can be when we have someone like you to share it with!”

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10) “I would never get tired of waking up and seeing your beautiful face because you make my day… Good morning, beautiful!”

Good Morning Text For Hubby

1. I’m sending kisses through this text, across the miles that keep us apart, all because I wish you were still in my arms. Good Morning!

2. While I am at work today, I will be daydreaming about our romantic dinner date last night. How much fun we had laughing and enjoying each other’s company! Until tonight…have a great day sweetheart!

3. Good morning to the man who makes me laugh until my stomach hurts and I can barely catch my breath! Hope you have an amazing day today.

4. You are the man of my dreams and I am so grateful to have you in my life! I adore waking up next to you every morning and I wish we could do this everyday for eternity!

5. No matter how many times a day I tell you that I love you…it never seems like enough; but simply put, honey, “I LOVE YOU!” Good morning baby!

6. Every time our eyes meet it takes my breath away and as we lay close at night, our bodies entwined as one, all of my dreams come true. Good morning handsome!

7. There is no man on earth more handsome than you; not even the rich and famous movie stars make me feel the way you do. I love the way your touch makes me tremble and how your kiss sends shivers down my spine. Good morning cutie!

Good Morning Short Love Messages

8. Waking up to a loving text from you every morning will help get me through any challenge that comes my way, because I know that no matter what…you love me unconditionally and will always be by my side. Good morning sunshine!

9. As I lie in bed at night, I think of all of the exciting adventures we will have together; whether it’s exploring new places or creating countless memories with our future family…I know we can’t wait to start this journey together! Good Morning Handsome!

10. With each passing day, our love becomes deeper and I get attracted towards you improving our relationship!

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Good Morning Message To Make Her Fall In Love

1. Good Morning, my love! The day begins with a special thought for you. I hope your day is full of smiles and sunshine!

2. As the morning sun warms the earth, may it also warm your heart and soul with love and happiness today. Have a wonderful day ahead, my dear. Good morning!

3. Every new dawn brings with it an untold promise of a perfect future with you in it to brighten up every moment spent together. May your day be filled with the promise of pleasures to come, my beloved angel.

4. Here’s wishing you a lovely start to this beautiful morning… May everything seem worthwhile as you go through each task today… Good morning!

5 . Let me send you warm hugs and kisses to wish you a lovely day. I pray that you will always be filled with joy and happiness in each new morning, my dearest. Good morning!

6 . It is not just another day; it is one more chance for us to make our yesterday better than our today and our tomorrow even better than our today. Good morning!

Good Morning Short Love Messages

7 . May this bright sunshine fill your life with cheer and bring along everyone of your dreams coming true! Happy good morning!

8 . The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming…and they all have something sweet to say: GOOD MORNING!!

9 . Every day starts brand new, free from yesterday’s mistakes, ready for all the wonderful things you can make it hold. Have a great day, my dear!

10 . I’m waking up with the thought of you on my mind this morning and it feels so good… Just the way a new day should start. Good morning my love!


The best way to start your morning is with a loving message. Sending them out in the form of text, email or social media status will show you care and are thinking about their needs before yours. 

This act can be just what they need to get through the day ahead on good terms. Choose one of these messages that fits your relationship situation and send it off today!

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